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Always Good

What ho all! It truly is extraordinary that my time in this incredible place is almost to a close. As can be expected, I have deeply mixed emotions about leaving. I have seen sights and met people that have touched me and transformed me, but I also know that this trip was a bit like Narnia-I came for a specific purpose and for specific lessons that God needed to show me, but I cannot stay here forever. My job is to now go back and share these precious memories with those back home and to continue on this journey with the Good Shepherd.

I have not been the greatest at updating all of you on our grand adventures, but here is a run-through on what we’ve been doing over the last two weeks: 1) Took the cable car up Table Mountain and saw two oceans, countless mountain peaks, and most of Cape Town all at once, 2)   watched the sunset from a lookout spot on Chapman’s Peak, 3) eaten massive amounts of amazing food, 4) taught about 60 very sweet and squirrelly preschoolers dance (not all at once), 5) prayed and sang with missionaries doing a very important work here in a community close to where my team and I are staying, 6) watched a sunrise on the beach over the bay that is walking distance from our host home, 7) been wrecked and taught by God’s gentle and ever-loving hands, 8) worshipped and learned alongside the YWAM Discipleship Training School Sound of the Nations, 9), seen ocean waves and more incredible mountains from Cape Point, 10), been within 2 ft. of penguins in the wild, and 11), drunk slightly ridiculous amounts of very good coffee.

In the midst of all these comings in and goings out, the theme that has emerged is that God is good. He is so very good. As I have asked, prayed, pleaded, and begged for answers to the questions of who he is and why evil exists, the answer has come forth loud and clear-God is good. He is wild, not tame, and he is good. Regardless of circumstances, He is constant and sure. I am so grateful for God’s guiding hand that led me here, and for all of you who have been supporting me during this journey. It has truly been transformative. I look forward to sharing more of my stories with you when I return! For now, love and blessings to you all!

Psalm 23,

Ashley 🙂





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The Little Things in Life

Hello everyone! (sadly, hello for the last time)

Unfortunately, our trip has come to an end. It has been a whirlwind of an experience, a trip to remember, and I have learned so much about God during this time. It is hard to know what to say about this three week trip that impacted me so much. I wish I could share all of my stories, all of the experiences, and emotions that I had.

I wish that I had one giant lesson to speak about for this trip but I am not sure I could pick one. I have realized that maybe that was the point of this trip. When I first started processing this trip at the beginning of the semester, I asked God to shake me up and do something major in my life. I expected to be shaken greatly and to have a huge life-changing experience. Isn’t that how we all imagine God works best? 😉 As the trip was winding down I realized that I had not had a life changing moment and my life was not switched upside down. While I was convicted deeply about things, I was disappointed that God had not moved in the way I imagined He would. I then realized that just because I assumed I knew the way God would work doesn’t mean that it is the way He planned on working. As I looked back on the trip I see that God did the exact opposite that I expected Him to. (He loves to keep us on our toes that way) He moved in the little things.

The little moments in this trip was where I saw God the most and where I learned the most. He was in the small child that screamed and ran around laughing, He was in the old men on the street conversing with friends, he was in the broken English conversations that taught me more patience than I knew I had. He was in the beggars on the street, he was in the shop owner that we passed everyday on our way home, He was in the refugee women that laugh and drink more tea than I thought was possible. He was in the other American girl that we met randomly and talked with for an hour and He was in the silence of the night when we were more tired than ever. God taught me how to love even when the people didn’t love me back, He showed up in the joy of the refugee that gave us food that they barely had for themselves. God taught me how to be more committed to my faith and challenged me to take my faith more seriously by seeing families risk everything to come and get a Bible. God was in the sacrifice of the workers who give everything to this ministry. He was in my teammates as we all laughed and cried together. This is what I learned. I learned the everyday things that we seem to take for granted as we walk through our lives is where God is the most. He showed me how I need to take my faith more seriously and how I should show unconditional love.

We expect God to move in the big ways. We wait for Him to show up and save the day with some miracle. While He does do that, maybe we should start to realize that maybe God isn’t swooping in to move in big ways because He would prefer to use us to reach the lost and broken. This trip is not one that I will soon forget. It is something that I will take with me throughout my entire life. It has made me want to travel more and also reach the people in my community and worldwide.

I thank God for my teammates who were encouraging and have grown to be family. (Love you guys!) I thank God for the people who we worked with and the people that we met. Thank you to everyone who prayed for us as we were in Greece! We could not have done this without you. If you get the chance and want to ask me more about the trip I would love to talk about it!

Thanks for reading our blog! We are headed back to the States now and we pray that you all have a wonderful summer!

God bless!

Taylor Mabry 🙂

P.S. Greece needs no filter.


Hi! It is Noah again, sorry if you thought it was Ryan.

Today we got to help out at another large meal with helping hands. while many of the helpers were the same al of the refugees were different. It is such a blessing to get to see all of these people who have been through more than i could ever imagine and they still smile like they are on top of the world. It really puts my small problems into perspective and shows me how to enjoy the valleys and not just the mountain tops.

Yesterday we got to go to The original olympic stadium. the one that the games started on… yeah that one… I even got to race Ethan around the track. (shout out to Ethan for being such a great sport! thanks man, it meant so much to me!) we even got see ALL of the olympic torches all the way back to 1936. Those are the ones that that Jesse Owens ran at! We even saw this years olympic torch and I have to say it was very cool.

I think this is my last post of my time in Greece so i would like to say a few things. I wouldn’t trade this for the world. I love each and every one of my teammates and am so glad to have them here with me. My sister (not by blood) taylor has been a joy to have and she will always bring a smile to our faces when we are tired or we are feeling down. She may not perfect but she is the closest thing I have ever found. I am blessed to have a sister like her. Michale is one of the funniest unfunny people I know. while very few of her jokes i actually find funny she still manages to make me laugh like nothing else. plus she can make a killer pot of tea. and I don’t like tea. Victorya and I have so many jokes I can’t wait to see the places our friendship will go. she also has been the one I go to when I need to just talk to some one. she knows how to laugh and she also knows how to be there for some one when they need it. Ethan may not know what a personal space bubble is but he is one of the happiest people I know. He has so much more than he realizes and i can wait for the day he sees his true potential and becomes a man of great spiritual wealth. he he a man of great stature and heart. (I literally just watched him dance off by himself just because he was in a good mood.) nothing will ever keep this man down. He is truly unstoppable if he wants to be. Last but certainly not least is Ryan. Our fearless Leader. This man does not quit. i have gained so much respectful him over these past three weeks and he truly is a joy to be around. he gets us from place to place on time and he loves to laugh. he can take a sunburn that leaves him the same color as a tomato and not even flinch. he has led this group of crazy kids and turned us into a family. a family that I would never give up for all the money in the world. i will truly weep the day i must leave these people behind. they have done so much for me and I never want to leave any of them.

I have felt more at home in Greece with these crazy people than I have in many years. the thought of leaving them in a few days WILL bring me to my knees. I truly love each one of them. (and if you know me, you know i do not say that lightly.)

as always i end with a shout out to my mom. If you know her please tell her about these posts and tell her i am safe and truly enjoying myself. also i did not forget mothers day i just got her something from Greece.

From my Greek family to your own family I say,

May God bless you as he has blessed me.

Noah Camp.IMG_0383

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Quickly coming to a close…

It has been a fulfilled past couple of days here in Greece! To catch you up from when Victorya posted on Friday, we went to watch the Star Wars movie Solo that evening, which we thoroughly enjoyed. (Movies are shown in English with Greek subtitles. Also, we actually only payed about $8.80 per ticket. Way cheaper than I thought it would be). On Saturday we decided to start our day off by sleeping in, and then headed off to the beach, where we enjoyed the cool (really cold) clear waters for a couple of sun-filled hours. While some of us were responsible and put on sunscreen, Noah got an epic swimsuit burn live on his leg (ask him about it sometime).

We came back and cleaned up, and then headed off to find the Hard Rock Cafe, a first for me, where we enjoyed huge, delicious burgers underneath the original artwork for one of Kansas’ album covers. (Kind of crazy to see that in Athens!). Today we attended the Greek Evangelical Church for the last time, which while I will be glad to once again be worshiping in my native tongue, it will be saddening to leave the unique experience of worship with believers in different tongues. We also attended the refugee church for Farsi speakers this evening, with everyone (except I) helped with the kids during the service. (I was going to tell them about the sermon. It was related to Pentecost. I was not able to catch everything due to the preacher not speaking into the microphone and by not hearing the end of his sentences due to the Farsi translator. Also, I spaced out a couple of times 🙃 #shouldhavetakenasundaynap)

But also in the last couple of days, I have come to this ppoint of mixed feelings: I am greatly anticipating returning home to Haviland, KS, taking comfort in the fact that I only have five more days until we head back. But I am also not ready to leave Greece, with me feeling that I have just began to adjust to living here. This has hit me in a couple of ways in the past few days.

One is this past Friday, when our group went to watch Solo (movies in Greece are shown in English with Greek subtitles). I enjoyed the movie, but upon coming out, I thought to myself “I could live here.” The other way is hard to pin point to a specific moment, but rather this realization that I have become comfortable with those around me speaking a different language than me. It did not faze me the way it was the first few days I was here.

This has led to a growing confidence, most recently manifested for myself in that I broke off from the group to go into a store I had not in before to purchase an ice cream cone (seriously, these things are amazing and addictive. They are called Rodeos, and I have spent more than I care to admit on them. Ask my fellow team mates). While this is a small action on my part, it is hard to see myself doing the same thing when I first arrived (or perhaps just courage born from a sweet tooth (: ).

So I hope to make the best of the few days we have left, with thoughts of hope not being too distracting. (nor thoughts of leaving the delicious ice cream. Like seriously, a pre-packedged ice cream cone should not taste this good)




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Teaching in Rwanda

This past week Bailee, Leilani, Karalyn and I taught at the Rwanda Friends Theological College in Musanze. We lived in the dorm for the college. Each room had its own bathroom which was nice. Some of the students lived in the dorm and some of them commuted from home.

Our day started around 7:30 am for breakfast. I taught Critical Thinking in the mornings (9:00 till 1:00) each day. Pastor Nicodeme translated and helped with illustrations to make the points clear. Pastor Nicodeme is very funny. He often made a joke about what we were talking about. The he would explain to me what the joke was about. We had lots of laughs.

After lunch from 1:30 till 2:30, we all would teach English to the students. Nicodeme divided the students by whether they had finished secondary school. Leilani and Karalyn taught the students who had not finished secondary school and knew less English. They helped them learn to read a skit based on the story of Jesus healing a man who was born blind. Their class then presented the skit to Bailee’s and my class.

Bailee and I taught the ones who knew more English. We had them read out loud from a book written in English by an African. We helped them with vocabulary and pronunciation. Overall it has been a lot of work but a great experience!

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Nearing the Finish Line

Sadly enough, this will be my last blog post since next Friday we will be headed back to America. For better or worse, this trip is coming to and end very quickly.

Our team got to lead two English classes today. We were all probably nervous because none of us had attempted to do this with our help. We got to experience a new ministry!

It is amazing that a language we all speak so well can become so difficult when trying to teach it. For example, how do you explain “how”? It presents new issues we never thought of.

To piggy back off of Taylor’s post about the different kinds of ministries, we have been learning that teaching English is a huge blessing to these refugees. They are moving from place to place and leaving their countries with the familiar language. When they move, they can not communicate as well to the locals of the new country. However, English is a second language in many places, so if we can help them become conversational in English, they will be able to do so much with confidence. We can teach them words to know for the supermarket, the doctor, the Metro/bus stations, etc. Our ministry to them is helping them gain a sense of autonomy in a new country.

This idea is what has stuck out to me this whole trip.

In my mind, we were going to spend a lot of time moving boxes, helping serve meals, etc. However, we have taught more English than anything and I actually rather enjoy seeing the refugees be so grateful.

I will be very sad to leave Greece next week after only just meeting these wonderful people. We have all really loved it here and leaving will be sad.

I think I can speak for my entire team when I say, Greece will forever be in our hearts.

Thank you all for supporting us in prayer as we finish up strong!


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The Differences Between Us

Hello everyone!

This week has gone by so fast! We cannot believe that we only have about a week and a half left. The past two days have been filled with fun and laughter. Yesterday, the girls and I went to Helping Hands and participated in a women’s day. It is an opportunity for refugee women to come and relax. There is childcare provided and the women can simply chat and have fellowship. I helped in the children’s room and it was a lot of fun! Today we went and helped teach english to a few people from Iran. This was a highlight of today and I cannot wait to go back tomorrow.

A theme that seems to be occurring for me is a new understanding of language. Being in a new country can have many challenges and barriers that come with it. As we all know when someone does not speak your own language communication becomes difficult, to say the least. It has been difficult having a language barrier when teaching English and when helping at Helping Hands. However, when we were helping in the kids room it was really cool to see how children do not seem to have a cultural barrier. Children are children no matter what culture you are in. They love you for who you are and when a child wants to play with you, they will play with you, no matter what language you speak. This just reminded me about how God can work through anyone in any place. These children opened my eyes to how, even though they cannot speak my language, they love you anyways. There was nothing that felt more rewarding than when the kids smile and laugh after you tickle them. Even though there is a language and culture barrier they just want to play, laugh, and just be around you. These children have been through a lot and I was able to see God in a whole new way while watching them laugh and run around the play area.

When we are loving one another as Christ would we lose the barriers that can keep us apart. Even though it can be difficult to love one another when there are so many differences between all of us, it is one of the greatest ways to be Christ to others. We cannot become caught up in all of the barriers between us or we can miss the little moments of laughter and joy. These kids reminded me of that yesterday and I feel like I have a new understanding of how big God is and how I should love others through the barriers that keep us apart because in the end, it will always be worth it.

All in all, it has been a good week. It has gone by fast but I am glad that through the highs and lows God is working in everything. Thank you so much for your prayers and for reading our updates. I wish that we were able to tell you all everything we have done and learned, but you can ask us when we get back! We would love to share more about our trip.

I hope you have a fantastic weekend!

Taylor Mabry

P.S. Sorry there are no photos this time. We do not have any pictures from Helping Hands or teaching English.