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Soo soo close…

Well the rest of the Greece team and I are exhausted. We have had one huge wild ride on this trip home we are currently sitting at 26 hours in the airport/plane. And we still have 2 more flights, so just over 8 more hours all together. And we were suppose to be home 4 hours ago. Anyways, If you want to hear our crazy airport experience your going to have to ask us in person trying to type it all out here might take me a while.

The last week in Greece went by too quickly. We flew out to Thessaloniki on Wednesday, we were suppose to leave at 6:30 AM, our van didn’t show up so we didn’t make it to the airport on time and missed our first flight, we got on the next one. In other words all the original flights we booked before this trip, we were on none of them. We have had awful luck but just a few more hours! We arrived and went straight to our first tour spot, then we toured around Thessaloniki and looked at a few spot around the hotel since we happened to be right in the middle of several things. The next day we got up and drove almost two hours to Phillipi we toured around a lot a saw several different things. After we got back to Thessaloniki we walked the East wall the was still up and standing tall.

Honestly this trip has been amazing!! Even with all the crazy flight situations. Now I don’t think any of us will fly or anything but we all had pretty good spirits through everything. We are ready to be back in Kansas, but we also already want to be back in Greece!!

– Sarah

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Time to move


(Pictured above: a bunch of turtles)

The Greece Gang is celebrating and mourning our last day in Athens. It’s amazing how the last three weeks have flown by, yet also taken their time. Tomorrow morning at a bright and early 5:15 am we leave for the airport to head to Thessaloniki for two days.

Over the last few days we have had our share of adventures in Athens. With many miles of walking we have managed to cover almost all of Athens via train and bus, some of it not on purpose.

On Saturday we got to experience the Sea and took a day trip to the beach. It was hot, humid, and overall a good experience. Also, McDonald’s in Athens tastes pretty much the same as Pratt. Just no sweet tea.

On a more sad note we had our last day of service at Helping Hands. With a lunch day, we helped serve the meal and then had time to do dishes, help in the kids and baby room, and overall have a good time of fellowship.

As we continue our journey in Greece, it’s sad to say that it is coming to an end. Yet we constantly have to rejoice in the fact that we are coming home to share the news of these People to others. And through that, we find comfort in our Brothers and Sisters in Christ.

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Wisdom through Experience, Worshop through Service, and Hope through Love

The past several days have been anything but what I expected them to be, and that is a great and beautiful thing.  Truth be told, I tried to limit my knowledge of Kenya and ask little questions about the ministry at work so that I would keep my expectations low; it worked beautifully.  Kenya is nothing like I expected it to be aside from the poverty and heat.  It is very green, mountainous, busy and full of life, nothing that I thought it would be but it is very beautiful and welcoming.  These passed several days God has been showing me many things that include new ministry and a growing passion.  I never expected to be a part of such a powerful service that specifically seeks to help suffering women and children feel loved and cared for.  It never fully occurred to me how important widow and orphan ministry was until my service on this trip.  I have seen so many women this week with more drive and ambition than I could ever dream of possessing.  I have seen more orphan children with despair and pain in their hearts but yet they do not lose hope.  The history behind Kenya leads to Englishmen colonizing the many people and cultures of Kenya in the goal of helping them to become more modern with society.  They have left a noticeable impact but there are still many things left that the Kenyans are recuperating from such as the economy and the politics.  As we have ridden in the back of jeeps and vans to and from widow house locations to build houses and give supporting gifts I cannot help but observe the cultures and how everyone has to live their lives here.  Life is very hard in Kenya, it is a very unforgiving country with little opportunity and much responsibility.  One of the things blossoming here is Christianity and the love for Christ which is found everywhere and in nearly everyone here.  Through these passed several days I have witnessed a multitude of people seeking and worshipping God as though it is more than a cultural fad but that they each know God Himself.  There is much pain and suffering here and it breaks my heart because there is no visible limit to the end of how the people here suffer.  Everyone is affected by the constant calamity and yet it is in the culture for people to take advantage of one another.  In the midst of all of these selfish endeavors there is a fight to be more like Jesus and to love without reason, hope without dreams, and community without direction.  The people here know more about love, worship and faith than I ever had before and despite everything that these widows, orphans, and relatives there is a fight to live a Gospel centered life that is growing within the hearts of many people here.  It is a place of growing love and conflict and in an imperfect world the two will always run side by side, but Christ is working in the details as there are many missionaries here that love and serve the people for their own sake and sustenance.  Before coming to Kenya I was a part of a masters class in Barclay College called Friends Missions where I was able to learn much about the Quaker movements and how the Gospel had been spread to other far off places in the world.  One of these was in Kenya.  As I read I began to see how English Quakers brought the word of God to this country in an effort to help people know Christ.  It was a different time then and despite the best of intentions not everything was successful and there were many hardships that resulted from the evangelism.  However, Kenya now has the largest population of Quakers in the world and it seems to have a unique humanitarian focus that is much needed and deserved here.  Our team leader has lived such a life as she selflessly gives her time, prayers, and money for the simple betterment of suffering families and women who are left with little to no regard otherwise.  That is where our Junior’s Global team has come in.  We have helped to build six mud houses for suffering widows and given the supplies as well as aided widow groups who have been praying for months for God to save them.  We serve a God of faithfulness and through His love and grace we are blessed to be able to be a part of that plan that fulfills His promises.  To me, I certainly feel as if I could do much more but I must not forsake the efforts that have been done already and how impactful they are in a world that I do not yet understand.  I am growing a heart for Kenyan culture and as its radiant beauty grows so does its pain and turmoil.  Hopefully some day soon the culture and country will change in a way that accommodates women and children to a higher status and the widow and orphan count drop in record numbers.  God is on the move in Kenya and I feel that I will be drawn back her soon by Him.  As the rocks cry out in silence so does Christ and his aching heart for everyone finding their way in Kenya.  There is much hope, love, and hospitality here but they need more people willing to serve as the hands and feet of Jesus, such as our team leader.  For the future, no one knows; but may it be in a prosperous direction where everyone is equal and pain is hard to find.  
In Christ,George Jackson  

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God’s Beauty in Ireland

Ireland has captured my attention and heart more than I thought it would, and seeing God’s beauty in numerous ways has revealed things within me I never realized. For instance, while in Dingle, by far the most beautiful location I’ve been in my life, I felt a connection with the Lord in a few ways that made me appreciate Him more. Visual appeal from the luscious green colors all around me, then the variety of blue colors the ocean displayed made me see how vibrant and creative God is.

 There was a time one day when everyone in our group split up to just be alone. I walked down to a cliff near to the house where we stayed and sat on the rocks listening to the water flow in and out of the cracks. I thought much about life, how far I’ve come, what I’ve accomplished, what I’ve screwed up, about my future, family, friends, but something the Lord kept placing within me were the words “Trust in me more.” I didn’t quite know yet what this meant to me personally, and it still lingers in my mind. “The voice of truth says do not be afraid, I will choose to listen and believe the voice of truth.” These song lyrics by Casting Crowns came to my mind multiple times throughout the week. It made me think, I’m so selfish. I try so hard to do things on my own and without the help of others, especially God, whom I need to listen to the most. Various situations this week have made me realize how much I need to trust in God’s plan. I have so many questions, and not near enough answers, but knowing that the Lord cares about me and won’t ever leave my side helps me push myself further into believing His will for my life. 

Bonding with the team, whether praying, laughing, or crying together; heck even when Josh gets on to RL and I all the time for being too loud and crazy…these  are a few ways I’ve felt the presence of God, not just with me, but with the people I’ve grown close and special to in just a few days. Getting to spend every hour every day with these people has been exhausting at times, but rewarding as well. I’ve loved growing and learning alongside with them and will be sad when we have to leave. 

Last week we helped at a ministry organization called Storehouse, located in Belfast. Storehouse offers food, clothes, rehab, community, and most importantly, staff who love Jesus towards all sorts of troubled people. Getting to learn about their ministry made me eager to step in and help out as I could. We made food for a while, and then engaged with the people there. I felt nervous and awkward at first, probably because I could barely understand their deep Irish accent, but also because they were total strangers to me. But why did that matter? Isn’t that what we’re called to do as believers and followers of Christ? To show the love of Christ to all who are able to receive it? After talking with a few people, I felt encouraged by simply engaging in a totally normal conversation with them. Not shoving Jesus down their throat, but just offering myself as someone they can listen and talk to. Getting to share my life and pour into these people was a blessing and helped clear my mind from all the distractions I tend to have. 

Hope everyone is doing well. With love, 

-Tanner T. 

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“The Lord is my shepard, I shall not want…” Psalm 23

Ireland is so beautiful, breathtaking, green as far as the eye can see, with hills and mountains and housands of sheep roaming around, and just altogether a true sight to see. That being said, during this endeavour I have learned and experienced so much, especially with this being my first time out of the country. I have learned to be patient, that the smallest thing can leave the biggest impact, but most importantly to lean into God.

Being patient: This can be challenging for me when it comes to certain things like working. When it’s to work, I’m ready and want to work. I learned things are different when we went to Storehouse to help serve breakfast and work in the warehouse in Belfast. Storehouse is a ministry to help the broken, homeless and those struggling to get back on there feet. They are focused on three things: provision, community, and growth. Before we did any sort of work they had a prayer time following a time to get to know each other. They provided tea and coffee with some cookies while everyone socialized for about 30-45 minutes then on to work. It was so amazing to see how I’m so used to getting straight to things and not taking the the to socialize with the people I’m working with or coming in contact with. Sometimes I just need to be patient and soak in every moment. To slow down and make that connection instead of rushing through things. This goes into the next thing I learned in Ireland, the smallest thing can leave the biggest impact.

Smallest things make the biggest impact: At Storehouse we went to work in the warehouse cleaning furniture they have recieved so they can take a picture to put into inventory. We all went to work wiping down and cleaning all the furniture inside and out then ran into a problem with the software. The software they use to put the furniture into inventory kept booting them off and not working. We felt bad since we knew there was more we could do but couldn’t. While we felt like we could so much more, they were so grateful for what little (in our eyes) we did. Its amazing to see how God uses those who trust in him.

“And we know God works for theose who have been called according to His purposes.” Romans 8:28

Lean into God: Cosan Na Naomh, or The Saints’ Road is 18km in length and a little over 3,000 feet tall with important heritage and ecclesiastical sites along the path. There is 14 or 15 crosses along the path as you make your way to the top. Starting off just looking up I didn’t know if I could make it with my ankle. I came prepared with my hiking boots to go up this mountain and it seemed that my ankle wasn’t as much of an issue as I though going up. Instead it was the fact that it was hard to breathe. From the beginning it was challenging for me to keep up with the others and by the time I got to the second cross I didn’t know if I could make it any farther. Josh pushed me to make it one more before throwing in the towel and I made it to the third cross. There I stayed for a bit while the others went on. I felt defeated, lost, confused, but that was when I started to pray. I prayed for God to help me keep going and for my ankle to not get in the way. I wanted to make it farther, I wanted to say I made it farther, I was determined but couldn’t do it on my own. As I kept climbing up this huge mountain and between asking God for strength and breath then reciting, “You are my rod and my staff, you comfort me,” I made it to the next cross! But I wasn’t ready to stop there. I started again and again and again and finally I made it to the 7th cross! Oh the view was spectacular with the piercing blue ocean, the sheep around me, the bright green grass all around me, and that cross staring back at me was truly a site to see. I couldn’t of made it half way without leaning into God fully. I didn’t think I could make it past the third cross on my own, but with God I made it further than I thought.

“Trust in the LORD forever, for the LORD, the LORD himself, is the Rock eternal.” Isaiah 26:4


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A Day in Dingle

On May 21st our group was visiting Dingle, Ireland, and the trip is coming to an end and I had not felt like I had bonded with everyone until that day. On this day, we all took on a challenge to climb the second tallest mountain in Ireland called the Ballinknockane Mountains! We were all very determined to climb this giant hill, we were reading a description of the hike before we started and it was suppose to be a causal stroll with seven crosses for a checkpoint! Well, we all started the hike together and we all did not finish together. This was not just a casual hike it was a body ache waiting to happen! We all eventually made it to the top, but the one thing I learned from it waste need to sacrifice for what my I have pride in. I always have to be the first one finished like I’m in a race but this hike I was humbled. 

I really felt connected when I stayed back and it was just Madi and I left to make it to the top. At that time I realized helping others and being there for them is more important than worrying about myself. When I got to the top with her I felt very accomplished that we made it. This was probably my favorite part of the trip so far! 

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Hallo Guten Tag

Today we spent our day at Samaria’s Ministry. We began by preparing the meal. The girls all helped by preparing the salad and sides, while the men cut chicken. We all enjoyed this aspect because we were able to be busy and continuously find tasks to do. We even had a break between the time of cooking the meal and serving the meal. Brad, Sarah, and I switched around playing checkers (the game took forever…we are all competitive). As we just sat and talk we were able to discuss some words in German and English. We all laughed because of the way we all pronounced certain words. When it was time to serve the meal we all had certain tasks in order to fill up 160 plates of food with only 6 people in the kitchen and about 5 others serving to the refugees. With having not that many workers everything was fast paced and it felt very rushed. It was hard in some ways because we wanted to interact with others but it’s also our duty to serve by making sure they get a meal so even though conversations were very little we still did our part. It was so much fun working with the interns, Helga, and Heinrich in the kitchen because we were able to make lots of jokes, and sing country songs. After we cleaned up we ate our lunch and any leftovers that we had were packaged up and given to homeless people on the streets. When we arrived back to our place we sat outside and enjoyed the beautiful weather (it’s been in the 70’s all week!!!) and just played card games as a team. Again the competitiveness is never-ending and yelling at each other in UNO and Dutch blitz is normal. LOL.


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Look at all those chickens!

Yesterday was an eventful day for us! We started with devotional time at our ministry-of-the-week, Samaria. We met with the German team to find out how we would be serving this week. After a lunch of gyros, we headed to Helping Hands to help gather things for our park day. We made the metro trek to the National Gardens where we met with several refugee families. A few games of ultimate frisbee (which I heard was pretty brutal, but the best), some “cake” making in the sandbox, Uno rounds, some people getting soaked with water balloons, and plenty of fellowship rounded off our second to last time working with the people from Helping Hands.

We ended our day with crossing all of Athens to have dinner at Ken and Lisa’s house, (our leader here in Greece). Their porch has a breathtaking view of the Sea and mountains. After eating our #1 meal so far, we watched the sunset and videos about Helping Hands.

Today was another ministry day, but our first day at Samaria. Sarah was worried she was going to trip and have to buy us gelato so she “conveniently was sick” and chose to rest today. (Pray for her stomach though and that she feels better for the days to come).

We helped make Greek salad and Ryan and Brad chopped up many Greek chickens, all the while a German class was taking place in the same room.

Brad and Marissa quoted the famous vine as the cooked chickens came out of their final resting place, “Look at all those Chickens.” And I will agree, there were a lot of chickens.

We served lunch, cleaned up, ate lunch ourselves, and then headed back for the evening. With plans to go see the Olympic stadium and eat crepes tonight, we look forward to our last week and a half here in Greece.

*Gelato updates to come*

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No Free Gelato Yet!

Hello once again! It’s has now been over a week since we made it to Greece! We have had one exciting adventure. After our first week of service with Helping Hands, Ken, the missionary from Greece, took us and a few others to Corinth. We saw many different things. We didn’t walk as much as we did the first tourist day but we definitely made up for it. Our first stop of the day was at the Corinth Canal. We were able to walk across a bridge to the middle and look down the canal. Afterwards we went to the end of the canal and were able to walk on an actual Roman road, where slaves were once forced to pull the cargo on and across to the other end of the canal. After this we hiked up to Acrocorinth, where we were able to gaze upon the marvelous Greek costal view. After climbing down the Acrocorinth we went to a restaurant and had some amazing souvlaki (you’ll have to look it up). We drove to ancient Corinth and walked in the footsteps of Paul. We were able to look at several statues and old jars that were found while digging in this area. Also we were able to actually stand on a Roman theater stage in Corinth. At the end of our trip before heading home we stopped at Cenchreae, a first century church, where Paul got his hair cut before heading back to Jerusalem. Acts 19. During this entire time of walking/hiking it was said that if I, Sarah, fell at any point I would buy everyone Gelato. The bet is still going on today. (It’s Cianna’s opinion that it is only hours until we will celebrate Sarah falling with gelato-we wait longingly).

Sunday we were able to go to the 2nd Christian Church (which is actually the name) and we were able to wear headphones where they translated the sermon to English. On the way home we dropped Brad off at Helping hands to play bored games with some of the refugees that got together. The girls and Ryan continued home and Mwerearissa and Cianna played card games, I took a nap after not feeling well for several days, and Ryan was able to catch up on some emails. When Brad was done we went back to the acropolis and shopped around a little more and then found somewhere to eat. We also found a McDonald’s!! Brad wasn’t too excited but the rest of us enjoyed some fries! On the way home from the metro I tripped and was falling until a old man popped out of nowhere and stopped my fall. He was very scared while the rest of us where laughing about how they close to getting Gelato.

So far this has been an amazing journey. The rest of this week we will actually be serving elsewhere besides helping hands which you will hear more about later!!

See y’all later!!


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Upendo wa Mungu Baba ni wa……….ni wa ajabu”

My time here in kenya hads been eye opening. This was my first time out of the country. Other than movies (The Lion King spasificaly) I had no exspectations. I have been on mission trips before and thhought I would know somewhat to exspect. When I got here, I quickly found out that everything I thought I knew was wrong. Yes we work on houes and yes we interact with these widows and orphans, but to them it means so much more for them to feed us and just spend time with us. I find this hard to get used to. I was expecting to work and work more then anything. but getting to know these people means so much more. Getting to hug these widows and learning their story.

I also had the oprtunity to teach a short leasson onthe verse John 16:33 with Erik to some kids at Sunday School. This was a fun exsperience.

Even though these people have nothing, they still strive to be happy and want to give us everything they can. What we have done for these people and given them seems so small to us, but to them it means the world. It makes me look at the world different. Things are not the number one thing. Relationships are, and beable to spread the word of God around to everyone we encounter.

“Upendo wa Mungu Baba ni wa……….ni wa ajabu”

“We are saying thank you to our God.”