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Tomorrow is THE day!

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As I sit here in the hotel room in Wichita awaiting the arrival of the rest of the Brazil team at the airport tomorrow, I begin thinking about this journey we are about to embark on. Today we finally got our visas back! Praise the Lord! This was one of the things that was bothering all of us, because if we wouldn’t have gotten them, the trip would of had to have been moved back. I fully believe Satan has been trying to tear us down these past few days. I believe this because of the sudden YouTube video that has appeared on Facebook of spiders raining in Brazil and I know some of us are scared of spiders. I also see Satan in this because of not receiving our Visas until today. Other than that I am getting very excited! I am so excited to see all of us work together these next 19ish days, see relationships build, and friendships form with people we will come in contact with.

With all of that being said, please keep us in your prayers as we begin our amazing journey God has set before each of us tomorrow. Please pray for safe travels, health, endurance, the people we will be working with, and courage to tackle everyday as a gift from God.



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