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Day 1 in Brazil


We’re in Brazil! Today after our 7.5 hour flight, we landed in Brazil just after 8:00 am local time. Tele picked us up and we drove through the rain to Carpina, approximately an hour away. We were welcomed into our new home with smiles. The girls have a room with a private bath at one end of the hall and I do at the other end.

After relaxing for a couple hours Steve Turner, my main contact for the trip, picked us up and took us to eat at the school. We met some of the people we will be working with and ate with some of the kids. After lunch, we ran a couple errands and went back to our rooms for another couple of hours to rest.

We ate supper with Steve (potato salad, a green salad, rice, beans and quinoa, and 4 different cuts of meat). It was very good but might not have been as enjoyed as the shakes we had afterward. We each chose a different flavor so we could all try them all (strawberry, chocolate, hazelnut, and acia). It may not be the last time we have a shake in Carpina. Today was a good day to get our Brazil feet under us.

Tomorrow, Brandie and Caitlin will spend the day at the school and Morgan will be at a different location taking part in a basketball camp. I will be bouncing in between, taking pictures and whatever else Steve has in mind for me.

Sunday the girls will probably have an opportunity to give their testimonies in church and I was told I can preach if I want to. They just had their 20 years “anniversary” celebration with several pastors coming together to celebrate. They may not want this coach speaking after hearing from all those pastors but we’ll see. I may also get the chance to teach a 3-4 day course over Sports Ministry to the Seminary students. I’m excited to see what God has in store for us.

I’ve encouraged the girls to read through Ephesians with me on the trip. Today our verses are Ephesians 1:1-14. As I read through them again, I’m inspired by the number of times the pronouns he, him, and his are used in speaking of Jesus. It reminds me who this trip is about. We may be tired, we may eat great food, we may laugh and enjoy ourselves, but ultimately through all of this, our trip is to show the love of Jesus to those around us all the while knowing that it is in HIS strength and for HIS glory that we do all things.

Thank you for your prayers. They have already been evident in our travel and schedule. We’re also thinking about our team that leaves in a week for Greece and can’t wait to hear how God uses them in that part of the world.

Keep coming back to see what God is doing in Brazil and Greece as we are fortunate to be a part of his work!


p.s. As I write this we hear a commotion outside with a lot of talking and some singing. Caitlin asked our hosts what it was and they said it was a church service. That reminds me of something Jim said in one of our meetings this semester. We aren’t bringing God to Brazil and Greece. He’s already here. We are just coming to be a part of what he’s already doing!ImageImageImage


2 thoughts on “Day 1 in Brazil

  1. So glad that you guys are all doing well and that God is answering prayer! Wow, you might get to preach and also teach! Awesome! We’ll be praying for the team as you minister and encourage through action and words as you head into the weekend and Sunday services. Love you!

  2. This is so exciting to hear!! I am glad that you are all there safely. Still praying for you all and I know that God will be blessing the next few weeks for all of you!! God is Good, All the Time!!

    God Bless

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