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Day one in the books

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Today was the first full day we have been in Brazil. It was filled with excitement and a lot of learning! Our morning started off at 7am with breakfast at our hotel. First off, I would like to say the food here is amazing! We had fresh fruit, coffee cake, cheese, and lunch meat along with fresh fruit juice. We then headed to the school where we would be divided up to begin our day. Brandie and I stayed at the International School where we spent the day cutting out flowers and records for the schools Mother’s day party tomorrow morning. We also had to cut out and glue together three large murals of the 70’s theme for the walls. Ryan and Morgan went across town to the Glory Sports Camp, where they played basketball with kids in the morning and then this afternoon they observed the camps. Ryan also got to coach a camp or two this afternoon with Morgan’s help. Brandie and I got back to the room around 4pm and rested until Morgan and Ryan got back. We then got around for supper, where we once again split up. Us three girls joined a local girl (Clarice) to eat pizza at Panela Cheia. It was an all you can eat pizza place where they bring the pizza right to your table. We also got to try lots of new types of pizza such as: Guava, Shrimp, Chocolate, Banana, Chicken without sauce, and a breakfast pizza. All of which was fantastic! We then walked around more, grabbed a quick shrimp soup and a pop before heading back to the hotel. Ryan joined Steve, his wife, and son Jeff, a local pastor, his wife, and daughter for a quick bite at a local restaurant. As for all of us we are heading to bed shortly to spend another day glorifying Christ in all we do! Good night from Brazil.

Continue to pray for our journey!



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