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Brazil is so exciting! I am really beginning to love it here. Today we got to go to the school and watch the kids preform for their mothers, and although I could not understand one word, I know it was sweet from all the tears. Next we all hopped in the konvy- it’s what they call the VW bus the lug us around in, and headed to a place I’m not even going to begin to spell. We got to help at a basketball camp and it was wonderful! I helped with warm ups, doing tons of frog jumps at one circuit while Caitlin took pictures, and Morgan taught them some actual basketball skills. The kids were so fun and so sweet. After the camp we headed back and our lovely driver Jeff took is on a detour to get some the cream. It was the best I’ve ever had. The shop was located at like a museum thing and we picked fruit off a tree and ate it like it was no big deal. It was awesome!

Tonight we got to visit one of the first churches. I can’t pronounce the name so I’ll skip that. It was awesome. Frank Pena spoke with a translator and it made me miss my mom. So shout out to the best mom ever! Church here was so cool! Worship was awesome and so fun, and then everyone hugged us just like we were family! It was so great, everything has been so eye opening and awesome.

Some interesting facts about here…

There is a population the size of Canada in Brazil that are rich.. The rest are poor. The rich has held most of money.

The private sector holds up the country.

Public health and education is not good.

People will pay 5 months of wages in taxes a year.

Taxes are so high it is almost impossible to run anything to for than five years, legally. The school has been open for 8 years.

So be praying for Brazil and for us. Some of us have gotten sick, so please pray for health and that we can be a blessing to people here.




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  1. Hope Morgan gets to feeling better!

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