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A Rest Well Needed

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“By the seventh day God had finished the work he had been doing; so on the seventh day he rested from all his work.” -Genesis 2:2

Today we took the opportunity to rest. I personally was not feeling good last night & had gotten dehydrated and sick really fast. I ended up going to sleep around 10 and then I woke up around 11 so I got approximately 13 hours of sleep. I woke up feeling refreshed and much better just still a little weak. Now today, Ryan has not been feeling good at all. So he has been resting all day. We also rested, but we still went out and did a few things. Frank Penna chauffeured us around all day. He took us to eat with a pastor’s family as they celebrated Mother’s Day here. This was a really neat steak place where they brought tons of different kinds of meat around and you choose what piece of meat to eat. They just kept bringing lots of meat around and around and around. It was so cool! Then we were taken back to our hotel to rest a little longer. We all fell asleep again. After that Frank took us to another church about 20 minutes away in the country. It was a super cool place and interesting to see how God is at work even in a small country church in Brazil. Frank spoke tonight and the pastor there interpreted it all in Portuguese. That was intriguing. After any church service, there are always those people who stay and talk. This is true even in Brazil. What was really fun though was that there were different people who wanted to get pictures with us. Not only regular pictures, but selfies. They loved to take selfies. It was a blast! Afterwards, the pastor took his family, Frank, and us out to eat at this street restaurant that is famous for steak-on-a-stick. I got some of that and shrimp on a stick, while Caitlin got Chicken and Bacon on a stick and Brandie got Chicken and Cheese on a stick. Then there was this garlic bread that was simply to die for (not really, but seriously). It was so good! Now we are currently searching the room for a little lizard that has run loose somehow in our room. It has now disappeared and we cannot find it anywhere. So, that just happened. 😀

The biggest thing that I am learning right now is humility. This whole experience is extremely humbling. I was in speech for around 7-9 years of my life because of a speech impediment that I have. Some people do not notice it unless I point it out, but other people can notice it easily. It is not too noticeable, but just enough. I am honestly self-conscious about this speech problem and if I cannot say a word correctly out loud, I’m pleased with my vocabulary and my ability to spell. If I can’t say the word, then I will use a synonym for it. If none of that happens, then I can spell it. Here I am finding my speech impediment to be in the way of being able to pronounce Portuguese words. They are very troubling to say and I am having a very hard time even with the simplest of words. While everyone else in my group is able to learn words quicker than me, I am struggling extremely hard. The hard part is that I cannot even be defensive or use similar words due to not knowing the language. I cannot even spell them so that is even more frustrating. So I am currently accepting that it is hard for me to learn the language. I am working on that God made each of us with different abilities even when it comes to learning. For some, it is a lot easier to learn other languages while for others, not so much. So I am working on accepting this and while it quite the struggle, I am not giving up. I finally have two words down! I can say “thank you” and “goodbye.” 🙂 I am very proud of these accomplishments!

I love you all and am so blessed right now to be able to do this blog while in a different country for you all. I cannot wait until I can tell you some stories in person and show you pictures! Also, be sure to check out my picture blog – batmanthebackpack.wordpress.com. One more thing, keep Ryan in your prayers for God to heal him and for the rest of us that we do not get sick again or at all. Thank you everyone for praying for us even now! We feel it and we know that God is going to do great things down here!

Always for Him, not for men,
Morgan 🙂






One thought on “A Rest Well Needed

  1. Thanks for your post, Morgan! I am so glad you are feeling better. We continue to pray for Ryan to recover as well and that no one else gets sick. Thanks for being vulnerable in sharing your speech/humility lesson. It is very good for us to know how God is revealing His truths to you each day. Keep seeking Him in all you do……..and hope you find that lizard! 🙂

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