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Love and Rain


Today has been wonderful, to say the least! First off, Ryan was feeling better today and decided to get out and about with us. Of course the morning started out early as does every morning here in Brazil. We then headed to the school to find out what our plans would be for the day, as they do change often. Morgan went with Susan to once again play basketball and do sports activities in the morning before joining us for lunch and then returning to do more sports activities in the afternoon. I know she loves this! Brandie and I stayed at the school where we helped teach English to the 1-4 year old kids and then foundation, (in between kindergarten and 1st) first grade, and second grade students. At first the kids are shy but once they warm up to us they talk like crazy. The highlight of my day at the school was just being with the kids, but even more than that was helping a very smart autistic boy and a beautiful girl that didn’t speak English. After lunch Brandie, Ryan, Frank, and I went “shopping” we bought hammocks in a town called “lake of the car,” and then headed to another town called “clay town” where they make many sculptures out of red clay found right there. While we were in Clay Town we had quite the adventure! Frank was trying to find this one clay store where he knew a guy, so we were driving around and ended up having to turn on this road. Of course the roads here are cobblestone and it was pouring rain so everything was slick, not to mention the road was almost a straight down. We keep going and got to the bottom to find out there’s no way to go. If we go forward we go off the cobblestone to mud where there was a drop off if we couldn’t get turned fast enough OR we could back all the way up the hill that was very steep. We chose to go straight, which ended up being safe but very bumpy. Then we had to turn and go up another hill that was almost straight up again. That one we tackled like a beast and gave the combi (van) gas and prayed no one was coming. Finally we found the clay store Frank was wanting to go to, so we stopped and when we walked in this guy started making birds out of clay for each of us. Once we looked around we headed back to the car (keep in mind it’s still pouring rain) to head back to the hotel. On the way back Frank told us he needed to show us the road so we were just driving along and all of the sudden the road turns into a straight drop down and we go for the ride of our life. It was scary but also very fun! In the mean time I turn around to make sure the birds are still in the back seat, sadly there was only two birds on the seat (mine and Brandie’s birds) so I began looking for them just to find out that I had smashed one against the back of the seat and stepped on the other. So now we have 2 birds, a slug, and a turtle!

With all of that being said today has been a blessing to me! I got to spend time with some amazing people, Ryan got out and about, I got a free bird, I spent time with kids, had tacos and now we are enjoying a movie at Jeff & Lindsey Turners home right here in Brazil, not to mention I’m writing this from a hammock.. Honestly can life get any better?! God is good!

Love and RAIN from Brazil!

P.S. Pray for our journey, health, rest, the people we work with, and my wrist because it’s been hurting a lot today.




2 thoughts on “Love and Rain

  1. That sounds like an absolutely amazing day! God is using you guys so much! Glad to hear Ryan is feeling better, but will pray for your wrist!
    I pray that you guys continue to feel God’s hand in every little thing you do. Take the adventure. Keep having a blast!

    Love you all!!
    Praying for you all


  2. Ps. LOVE the hammocks!!

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