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Here we are.. less than 24 hours until our departure from Wichita airport! I am beyond excited as well as overwhelmed…curious..nervous…anxious…eager…and overall ready for the trip! Ready for where we will be and what we will be doing! I’m ready to be able to meet new people, see new things, be in Athens, GREECE!! I’m ready to do God’s work and be with His people in Greece.

I’ve been grasping the idea that it is not by accident that me, Abbey, and Tyler were chosen for this trip to go on with Jim. I know that we will learn things about ourselves over there and learn new things about God and simply, a new part of the world!

A song that has definitely spoken to me and helped me get this far in the journey and trusting in God is by Jordan Howerton Band: I Am Yours:

“God, where you lead me, I will go.. I will follow you and know that I am YOURS.

Holy Spirit, lead my heart.. to lose myself In You. May my life be the best of you..I am ready, God I will go.”

Continue to keep us in your prayers for anxiousness and that we will remember that God’s hand is in everything!




Jim LeShana, Abbey Cox, Sam Kegley, and Tyler Mullikin


4 thoughts on “One..More..Day!!

  1. REALLY excited for you guys to be on your way and can’t wait to “hear” about it through the blog. God’s been preparing you all semester (and longer) and He’s gonna do great things in you and through you!

  2. Thanks Ryan – Looking forward to connecting with you from one continent to another!

    Thank you for your prayers, too, as we try to get everything together to go!

  3. Enjoy your trip! I loved Greece last year


  4. It’s finally here! You’re really going! I am so excited for all of you, that I can hardly stand it! 🙂 We prayed for each of you at send off and are expecting God to reveal more of Himself to each of you, each step of the way. Can’t wait to hear more about the adventure! Blessings!

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