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Crazy day here in Carpina.

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Today was insane. It started off like any other day. We ate early and got to the school. Ryan and Morgan got to do sports and Caitlin and I taught English- which I am beginning to really love doing. Soon we started to notice that kids were being taken from the classes to go home. We soon found out that the federal police had gone on strike and this had caused some rallies to break out in downtown Carpina. This is the town we are staying in. The rallies were mostly people looting the downtown area stores, and one school was raided. When parents heard of this, immediately they wanted their kids to be sent home. Kids were being picked up and so the administration of the international school canceled school for the afternoon. We were unsure of what was really happening in downtown at this point because we were unable to get back to our hotel because of traffic trying to get kids from schools and out of downtown. After a while, we were headed to some friends house when we were told it was okay to go back. We went back and got safely to our hotel. We soon found out that the chaos was not as bad as what was being said. Mostly people raided the stores for goodies and Carpina still remains pretty safe as the national guard has stepped in. Just to be really clear.. We are completely safe here, bigger cities are just a little crazy as people are upset with the government and with the World Cup. We are all really safe and we will continue to be safe! People are mostly upset about the government spending too much in building stadiums that will get little use after the cup instead of revamping the poor public education and health care programs. Others are upset about low salaries. From my understanding that is what the striking is about.

The craziness today let us to a great experience with a missionary family here in Carpina. Susan and Ro have been great to us and they invited us to their house for dinner. They were the friends I mentioned earlier. We were going to stay at their house till we could return, but like I said we were safe. We ate a delicious meal and played ‘the family game’ and ‘four on a couch’ with them. I had so much fun. We also got to go for a run with Susan and her daughter Stephanie. It was so great. I have really missed running since I got here.

Today taught me a lot. There is so much going on in this world, so much that we don’t see or aren’t aware of happening. We sometimes can be so blinded by the small things of our everyday lives that we forget that we are on a mission every single day. Our mission is to go out and give people the one thing they truly need, Jesus. Everyone needs Jesus and no matter how great we think we are or how small we may seem no thing or person is too big or too small for The Lord. The riots and rallies in Brazil are not too big for him, and the 24 kids from yesterday are not too small either. God is working here, and he is doing great things around the world. Today reminded me not to forget the great things he is working on. Our God is so big so let’s not get so caught in the small we forget just how great, and big, and strong, and mighty He is.

God is so good!



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One thought on “Crazy day here in Carpina.

  1. So glad it turned out well on so many levels, and that you are getting to see how God is at work there! You all have amazing attitudes to just take it all in stride. Keep it up!

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