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Greece!! God is Good!!


Abbey, Sam, Me, and Jim at the Temple of Zeus with the Parthenon in the background.

Abbey, Sam, Me, and Jim at the Temple of Zeus with the Parthenon in the background.

Wow today was so amazing, like mind-blowing. First of all I am in Greece and I could not be more excited and overwhelmed about it. I would like to tell you (whoever is reading this) what we had done today. This morning Jim and I had the pleasure of walking to Kenn and Lisa’s, which was 32 min away (we timed it on our walk). We had gotten there at about 11:04 am. It was definitely a perfect time to get out and walk because it was so beautiful and the temperature was great. The thing is that when we got there we were both pretty sweaty because of all the hills here. It was still awesome.ย  Don’t worry we were very careful while crossing the street and watching where we were going. Somehow I was the direction man, which was a little odd to me, but we still got there by the grace of God. After we had gotten to Kenn and Lisa’s house we sat down for about 10 min and then we had left to go to the bus and the subway station. Those are both experiences that I will not forget. When we had finally gotten to our destination, which was downtown Athens, we got to see the Temple of Zeus, some Roman Baths, and ruins of walls and houses and also I saw a turtle. While we were there Sam, who had written a paper on the Temple of Zeus, was able to tell us about it and was like a personal tour guide and might I say that I was able to learn things and that it was very interesting. She did a really good job explaining it in my opinion. So after we had done a little of our “touristy” thing today Kenn and Lisa had come to pick us up to go to a Missionary Diner. I think the proper name for it was Missionary Konnect, and yes spelled with a k. It was so cool to meet with the other missionaries in Greece, like people that are in different areas of the Missions field and not directly connected to Helping hand, which is who we are with. I loved meeting everyone and to hear about what they are doing and how long they have been here in Athens. God has truly been working here already. They had a devotion tonight given by Luke, who is a pastor missionary at a Chinese church; and what he had talked about was really good and I thought that I could really connect with what he was saying. He used many passages from Hebrews 12 about faith. The main person that he talked about was Abraham and how he is the “Father of Faith”. He was also saying that we are faithful just by being here and that all the glory goes to God. By the way, the food here is pretty awesome, or at least the chicken is because so far that is really the only thing that I have had besides some salads and peta bread. Overall our time here has been amazing and unforgettable. I know that God has been in this whole process and he has blessed us. Keep praying for us and I look forward to sharing more with you!!

God Bless,

Tyler Mullikin


This was on our way to Kenn and Lisa’s in the morning, I just could not help myself. It was my first workout in Greece. ๐Ÿ™‚



Daniel who is another short-term missionary and new friend, Abbey, Sam, and I on the “New Athens” side of the Hadrian Arch.


Abbey, Sam, Jim, and I on the “Old Athens” side of the Hadrian Arch. If you thought that I was big think again!!



2 thoughts on “Greece!! God is Good!!

  1. So cool to see you there! Thanks for telling us about your first impressions! Can’t wait to hear more. Praying for you all!

  2. Nice picture. The Parthenon. No big deal! ๐Ÿ™‚

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