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One blessing at a time

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Today was one of our earlier days on the trip here to Brazil. Ryan and Morgan set out on an adventure to the Carpina church where Ryan spoke about sports ministry. They later met up with Brandie and I at a near by neighborhood. This neighborhood is very “difficult” according to a local woman. The people who live in this neighborhood are very poor and have just thrown together houses in an old run down factory. Only the walls of the factory were standing and they just started building houses on the walls. Today a doctor from Cuba was in this neighborhood to bring help to the sick and poor. Both Brandie and I felt very called to be with these people today and be present with them even though they don’t always understand what we are saying. We also got to see a plot of land that a group of people are trying to build on and start an organization like Living Stones for that community of non-believers. After we ate lunch, us three girls, went to Jeff and Lindsey’s house to help decorate for Melody’s 3rd birthday party, which is tomorrow. It was a great afternoon spent in fellowship with all the wonderful people we have met here in Brazil!
We then attended church this evening and headed back for a good nights rest. It’s been an amazing journey for all of us!

Sunshine and summertime!



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