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Another day in Carpina

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We had a nice relaxing day today. After breakfast in the hotel, we went to the school where they meet for church. I really enjoyed worship and was reminded that even if I don’t know the language, music speaks to me. I was asked to speak again and Tele translated. I’m convinced that a good translator is so important. In fact, I’m pretty sure Tele made what I said even better with his knowledge of the Bible and of the people in the congregation.

After the service we ate with Steve and Lindsey and her kids. The grilled chicken and rice was good but I think our favorite part of the meal was the fruit drink. If was cold and a little slushy and was perfect for a hot day. It was also nice to eat with the Turners. They are such a sweet family and we look forward to going to Steve’s beach house on Tuesday and Wednesday to play games, relax and personally, I plan on spending a lot of time in one of their four hammocks.

The more time I spend over here in Brazil with the people, the more I am drawn to how relational they are. Everyone is SO welcoming and they all seem to truly consider others more important they themselves.

This thought was confirmed even more tonight when we ate with Tele and Heather. They took us to a nice restaurant for all you can eat pizza and a big salad. We experienced very different kinds of pizza including banana and chocolate pizza. But the best part of the evening in my opinion was the fellowship. We talked about soccer, and home, and about ministry. It’s not wonder that God is doing work in Brazil and all over the world because of the faithfulness of people like Tele and Heather.

Steve also stopped by on his way back from eating cheeseburgers with his family for his granddaughter’s 3rd birthday.

All in all, the day truly was a Sabbath. From the fellowship at our meals to watching a movie together in the girls room, it was fun to enjoy a Sunday in Brazil that mirrored a Sunday in Haviland.

We go to a public school tomorrow to give our testimonies. Tele told us that it is a very tough school with hundreds of students that don’t know Jesus. Pray for us as we share from our lives, that students would hear the impact that a relationship can have on a person.

Thanks for joining with us on this trip through this blog and with your prayers. We greatly appreciate them and it has become very obvious that they have been answered all along the way.


One thought on “Another day in Carpina

  1. Chocolate and banana pizza – nice! Glad you had a good day of rest. We think/pray about you and the Brazil team often. Worship was a good cultural experience for us yesterday, too, and good to see how The Lord is working here. We attended a Greek-speaking evangelical church yesterday – strong Biblical sermon (headset translation). Most of the music was from 20-40 years ago, so I knew most of the songs (music was not translated). We’ll pray for you as you share in the school today!

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