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A day full of new things!


Where to even start?? Today was such an amazing day full of everything new and a lot of first times!

First of all, today was our first official day “on the job” at Helping Hands, the refugee center that we will be working at! The day started off with a trip on the bus…then to the subway/metro…down to Omonia, Greece where Helping Hands is located. We began by helping prepare a ton of salad and food for the refugees who come in for lunch. Today we had right about 150 refugees come through the doors!

After lunch, families could stay to hear a Bible lesson. The parents were in one room and then they had two daycares: elementary age and toddler age. I helped with the elementary aged kids, Abbey got to help with the toddlers, and Tyler helped scrub dishes in the kitchen. It was such an amazing time being with the kids today! Although the language barrier was rough, it seems all kids speak the same language of a simple smile(: Taught some girls how to draw a flower today and they all loved it! That’s all they seemed to draw after that(: Felt kind of neat! Overall, it was an awesome day! A very well accomplished first day “on the job”…I’d say(:

Our day didn’t end there though! Our next adventure was back to Acropoli, Greece…off to see the Acropolis, the Parthenon, Mars Hill, and the Roman Agora. All I can say is…absolutely BEAUTIFUL! Breathtaking. Overwhelmingly amazing. Mindblowingly huge and so ancient!

Even still.. looking at pictures I feel like it was all a dream..as if we weren’t really just there! The view from the top of Mars Hill showed all of Athens was absolutely amazing as well. As promised…we read Acts 17 atop Mars Hill!

Finished off the night with an awesome dinner by the Roman Agora with the view of the Acropolis. Also…tried lamb pasta for the first time.. yum(:




Overview of Athens and the Temple of Zeus!

IMG_20140520_032351[2]  IMG_20140520_023539[1]  IMG_20140520_032310[1]
Picture 1: Reading of Acts 17 at Mars Hill, Picture 2: on Mars Hill with the Acropolis in the background, Picture 3: Waiting at the Subway after a long day!


Definitely thanking God for this opportunity to be here! While it looks like we have done nothing but sight-see, just know we put in a full day with the refugees at Helping Hands today! Let the work begin(:


Till next time!



2 thoughts on “A day full of new things!

  1. Wow! What a day! Praying for all of you as you begin your ministry and the retreat! Wish I could be there to hear all of it!!

  2. Ok! That’s awesome to hear about and see! Wow! So excited for you all to experience all that you are, and knowing how much you appreciate learning as well as serving! I love your enthusiasm and heart, Sam!

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