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I’m glad you are here because I am a Christian also.


“I am afraid that the schools will prove the very gates of hell, unless they diligently labor in explaining the Holy Scriptures and engraving them in the heart of the youth.” Martin Luther

Today we had the great pleasure of joining the world renewal pastors as they breached the public schools to teach about God. Yes I said it. We went to public schools to teach youth about God, His love, and His ultimate sacrifice. We had two services today, both were similar. We started off with some rap song about Jesus’ love and the kids were all into that. The dancing, shouting, clapping was in full motion around the commons area. As the session settled down a pastor introduced us three girls as Americans and we instantly became celebrities. I then got to speak to both sessions about the American culture. This actually turned out to be more like me telling the kids why we need Jesus just as much as they do. They loved hearing that Americans wanted and needed Jesus just like the brazilians. Next the pastors gave a presentation about drugs and why they are dangerous and should stay away from them. Next, in the morning Caitlin gave her testimony, and Morgan gave hers in the afternoon. The closing of the service was where the pastors told of Gods love and His amazing sacrifice for our sins. We then ended the service with some worship songs.

This was absolutely incredible for me. It was amazing to see these youth, who are among the poorest and least privileged get to worship and praise the same God that I do. What an amazing thing that the schools see that Christians make a difference. The reason that the pastors are even allowed to go there is because the schools are better because if it; because if God. It is amazing. The pastors have breached the system and are able to creep in and tell the amazing gospel to many kids who do not get to hear it.

As I sat there during each service, not understanding a word going on, all I could do was pray. I sat there each service and looked at the kids who I knew we’re exposed to hard things each day, each moment, thinking that only God can save them. And that’s exactly it, only God can save them. We planted the seed and we can pray, but ultimately it’s not up to us, it is up to the almighty God to do his work. I prayed as I looked at kids that stood out to me saying silently “God, let a seed for you grow in his/her heart. Protect them from the evils of this world, and give them a longing for you” to each kid. This was my prayer: I pray that through His amazing power, Christ will be able to breach the broken systems of drugs, alcohol, prostitution, violence, and all other systemic problems in each of these precious lives. God can and is doing amazing things.

At the end of the service a little girl came up to us. She was probably a 7th grader and she told us, “I’m so glad you came because I am a Christian also.”

Our lives as Christians serve as instruments for God. This might mean winning the hearts of 500 very at risk kids, or it may mean encouraging the heart of just one young beautiful Brazilian in a broken school. Our purpose is great, and there has not been a more clear proclamation of that than today.

Let us go and breach the brokenness of the world


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3 thoughts on “I’m glad you are here because I am a Christian also.

  1. What a blessing to see you all there in that school in the Santo Antonio neighborhood of Carpina. I pray with you for all the Kingdom seeds you planted.

  2. Wow! What an amazing opportunity and I’m so proud of all of you to speak of the hope that we have in Jesus! God be praised! Thanks for telling in such powerful words what you got to be a part of, allowing us to also be a part of that. We prayed for all of you today, knowing you’d be in the public schools. Hope the rest of the week is wonderful!

  3. Love your updates on all the incredible opportunities you are getting to be the hands and feet of Jesus!

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