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The Songs and the Sea


Good afternoon! Just barely.. As it is 12:03 PM our time 🙂

This morning, Sam and I did our last childcare session for the children of Helping Hands workers. It has been fun getting to know the kids. Some of them are American and some are Finnish. One boy from Finland is really funny. He tells lots of riddles, some of which don’t translate to English very well but he stills thinks are hilarious… There is a playground at the resort so we usually go out and play for awhile before it becomes too hot. Then we occupy the hotel lobby and play games till their parents come back.

Our team has also led worship for the past two days. I was surprised at the response to our Greek songs. Most of the Helping Hands workers know Greek; at least a third of them are Greek themselves so it is their first language. We learned My Redeemer Lives and Here I Am to Worship in Greek. Kenn and Lisa Dirrim helped us a lot as we learned how to pronounce the Greek words and put them with music. Luckily, we already knew both of those songs so it was a little easier to learn. The crowd sang along very loudly when we did the Greek songs; they really carried them with their voices. It was awesome. Tomorrow morning we will do one more worship session; the Helping Hands team has decided to hold their own church at the hotel before we leave. I am excited to worship with everyone one more time before the retreat is over.

Yesterday, we had the opportunity to go kayaking! I don’t think anyone from our team managed to get any pictures, sadly, but it was a blast. There were several two-person kayaks and just two single kayaks. I was able to get a single one. We payed 5-6 Euros apiece and rented the kayaks from the resort. Mostly we kayaked in a little inlet; our resort is right by the sea. I really enjoyed kayaking. The water was so beautiful. It is so clear you can see all the way to the bottom, even in deeper parts. It is a greenish-blue and there were lots of little waves. Out on the sea, I felt very close to God and very at peace. It was nice to just sit in the kayak and be rocked by the waves. I felt very small compared to the sea all around me and the mountains in every direction. It was marvelous. I’m glad we got the opportunity to kayak. It was also a fun bonding experience with other members of the Helping Hands team. After kayaking, we laid out on the beach for a little while. The weather is very nice here.. Just a little warm.

That is about all I have to share today! I’m glad we could help out at the retreat; I know the parents in the group appreciated the childcare. I hope everyone here enjoyed the worship and was able to connect with God in a personal way. It has been fun getting to know other people on the Helping Hands team as well, especially since we will be working with them in the weeks to come. I love being able to experience God in another climate, another culture, and in lots of different ways. I can see Him in the joy of the children, in the nature here, and in the relationships I see forming around me. I feel very blessed, though I am also ready to head back to ‘home base’ and continue our work at Helping Hands.

Blessings to you as you go through your day! I learned ‘Goodbye’ in Greek just for this post…

ευλογίες! (Pronounced an-ti-o)



The view from our hotel room.


2 thoughts on “The Songs and the Sea

  1. Abbey, thanks for painting a beautiful picture of what you have experienced. It is evident that God is at work and is using you. What a blessing you must be to these people!

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