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Catchy Title…… Ummmmm


So today we are back in Athens, and let me tell you that it is nice to have the air conditioner working. Story time!! So this whole weekend at the retreat my new friend Daniel and I were in a room that had an air conditioner but it was not working and when the weather outside is around 88 degrees it can make a room uncomfortable and really stuffy. Plus when you are as big as I am it is nicer if it is a little cooler than that in the room you are in. Which by the way it wasn’t. It was very interesting and to be honest a little difficult to sleep because I was too hot. (In more than one way)  😉 😉 Just kidding haha. I figured that there needed to be a little bit of humor in this post because, well because it is me writing it. 🙂 Well enough of that I would like to let you all know what we had done today.

First of all, we had church this morning at the hotel and Sam, Abbey, and I had led the music again and let me tell you that leading worship in Greek is a lot of fun. It does not necessarily mean that it is easy or anything but how the Helping Hands team responded to it made worshiping in a different language even better. Let me tell you that I was definitely able to sense God’s presence during the music time. I was so happy to sing in Greek, and it helps that both of the songs that we had sung I know the English version to. When I was playing my guitar to My Redeemer Lives and the girls were singing (I sang a little harmony now and then) it was a good time for me to focus on what God was saying to me and to revel in the fact that My, Our, Your Redeemer Lives in us. I could not be more thankful for what we are able to do and how we are able to worship our magnificent God anywhere, whether in Greece or America. We are so blessed and during the worship through music time there was a Chinese family that had come in to be in community and be at church with other believers. When they walked in we were singing through Lord I Need You and it was just amazing to see that God was letting us be a part of that. I was elated to see them come in and almost made me cry out with joy. To see someone who is not in anyway associated with Helping Hands hear only the music and realize what it was is amazing to me. It was awesome to see them grab their New Testament English-Chinese Bible and study the word along with us is so cool. Again I was blessed.

Second, I want to let you all know that Jim has been speaking on building bridges and let me tell you that what he was saying was needed to be heard by the Helping Hands team.  There was a time on Friday where we were supposed to be done with the “session” at 1 but because of all of the questions and all of the discussions that were being had, we did not leave the conference room till 2. Also, during that time, really before that “session” started I was asked to sing a song and I felt like I needed to sing What Faith Can Do (which is one of my Mom’s favorite songs). That song, I felt, was needed to be heard by the Helping Hands team. Also what Jim spoke about today was definitely God’s work. Through Jim God had said that nothing is impossible with Him and that he gives us opportunities to glorify Him.


Jim, Sam, Abbey, and I on a bridge. Talk about building bridges, that seems like a good idea.

Lastly, to end the day Jim, Abbey, Sam, and I are now in our own apartment and are like a little family that doesn’t know how to speak the local language very well. We just got back from a good meal from a restaurant a couple blocks down from where we are now. Before we got to the restaurant I was pooped on by a bird. Yeah I know that it is funny and I am able to laugh at it know but at the time I really wish that I had a gun to kill that dang bird because it pooped in my hair and on one of my Superman shirts. But since that response is not very “christian-like” I decided to let it live and go wash my hair and the shirt at the restaurant. By the way that is the first time I have ever been pooped on by a bird, and it wasn’t even in America.

Overall the day was really good and I was definitely able to see God at work. Thank you all so much for praying for us and I trust that you will keep it up. I cannot thank you all enough.

God Bless,



Oh yeah I played one of the greatest games around in Greece. I made that shot too btw. SWISH!!


Daniel and I ready and waiting to leave the hotel that we were in for the retreat. Maybe get to something air conditioned?



2 thoughts on “Catchy Title…… Ummmmm

  1. Well Tyler… from the sublime to the ridiculous!! Your bird story made me laugh out loud!! Thank for the pictures and the stories!!! It is so awesome to hear how God is using you and speaking to you and encouraging you!

  2. Tyler, it is awesome to hear how you have been able to serve with what God has entrusted to you. I, like Jeanine, also LOLed at your bird poop story. I guess it’s not all roses, all of the time. 🙂 Praying for your days ahead! Blessings!

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