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Adventure to Corinth!!!

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Who would have ever thought that we could say that we were in Corinth, Greece! The place of the Corinthians.. the same places that the Apostle Paul walked!

On Monday the 26th, we had the most amazing opportunity to be able to make the trip to Corinth, Greece to visit the Epidaurus Theater, the Corinthian Canal, the Acrocorinth, and Ancient Corinth!

Our adventure for the day started at the Epidaurus Theater which is also the archaeological site for the Sanctuary of Asklepios which is nestled in Peloponnese …….This theater was so awesome to see! We had been told about the amazing acoustics and how people all the way at the top of this theater could hear you, so, Abbey, Tyler, and I went to the center of the theater and were nervous but willing to sing  “Lord I Need You”. After only getting out the first line of the song, we were whistled at and told we could not sing in the theater, but we could talk! We were pretty bummed out but we felt pretty rebellious at the same time(;

The fortress of Acrocorinth can be seen from anywhere in ancient Corinth since it sits atop a massive rock mountain, claiming it’s territory. Such an intimidating view from the bottom and even more so once we arrived at the foot of this fortress! It literally took my breath away. Never imagined I would see such an amazing fortress, or castle! The Acrocorinth was first a Greek Acropolis, then a Roman Citadel, as well as many other things. The fortress was also the protector of Ancient Corinth down below. We started the journey up the mountain over slick, rocky roads, but oh what beauty did we see!

When we found a resting place, we read from 1 Corinthians 13, the Love passage. We found it to be such a good reminder of a God that loves us tremendously. A love of such strength and power.

“If I speak in the tongues of men or of angels, but do not have love, I am only a resounding gong or clanging cymbal….And if I have a faith that can move mountains, but do not have love… I am nothing. 

These two verses hit me hard. Without love…the love of God…I am nothing but a “clanging (or noisy) cymbal…Without love…I am nothing.” We must remember to go to God for everything…even when we are seeking love or even need a simple reminder of a God who loves us so dearly. If we do not hold onto this love that God has lavished out upon us, it becomes too easy to lose yourself. Lose the calling the God has. His love is such a simple thing to receive but, for me, a hard thing to remember that it is always right in front of us. It is simply up to us to chose to receive it every. single. day.

“How great is the love that the Father has lavished upon us, that we shall be called children of God. And that is what we are.”  -1 John 3:1

We found this passage to be a perfect contrast because at the very top of the mountain is a temple to Aphrodite-the goddess of love. We talked about how many people went to the top begging and praying to be able to find love. We found 1 Corinthians to be such a perfect reminder of love while thinking of the many people who tried so hard to find love…we have it forever.

The view of the fortress from the bottom! Overwhelming!

The view of the fortress from the bottom! Overwhelming!


A beautiful view of some of the roads up the mountain


One of the fortress gates

We also were able to visit Ancient Corinth which was honestly overwhelming! So hard to fathom thinking about all of the history that goes along with it! After looking at the picture below, imagine the view below with the roads unbroken, and massive marble buildings with pillars. It is believed that among this area is one of the many places that Apostle Paul was while writing his letters to the Christians. At the back of the picture, you can see the massive mountain with the fortress of Acrocorinth overseeing Ancient Corinth.

Ancient Corinth

Ancient Corinth

This trip has been absolutely overwhelming and full of so much information! We have been blessed to have a few more days working at the Helping Hands ministry this week as well! Yesterday was a meal day, and we had about 100 refugees come through to be served a lunch meal! We helped set up, serve food, and worked in the kitchen, and with the kids (or wherever we were needed:) After being with these refugees, my heart breaks for them! If we haven’t explained before what exactly Helping Hands is, here you go!: Athens is a main hub for Afghan and Iraq refugees to come through as a they make their trek to Germany or wherever they are headed. We are blessed to help give them clothing if needed, food, showers are available, and most importantly, the love of God.

The language barrier is still rough,  and I wish I could be able to speak their Farsi language so I could communicate with these women and children! Some of the older girls can speak slight English, so it has been amazing to be able to communicate and click with them! I already know that it will be rough to say goodbye to them and the kids!

Please continue to pray for us as we work with these families! Sorry for the massive post… it needed to be said(:

Till next time:




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