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First of all I would like to thank all of you who are praying for us and supporting us. This trip would not be possible with out the love that you have shown us all. I ask that you keep praying for us as we can all see God working in some way, weather that is in our own lives, the lives of the refugees that we have met, and even the lives of one another. I would just like to confirm that God really is working and it is really exciting to me.

Second, on Thursday (cause I am writing this on “Friday”) Abbey, Jim, Sam, and I were able to go back to the Roman Agora and continue learning about the history of where we have been for the past two weeks. It was really amazing to see where the people of Jesus’ time would shop and be able to converse with one another. During our time there Kenn Dirrim would be telling us about a lot of what people would be doing in the Agora and the Stoa. This is where some market places would be and where people known as stoics would study. We also were able to connect a lot of these things to Paul because Mars Hill was right by us and we discussed what had transpired between Paul and the men of Athens in Acts 17. If you ever have the opportunity to come to Athens, Greece and go to Mars Hill I advise you to read that passage of scripture. There is something about being at the place that you know Paul was preaching at. That is what or late morning consisted of.

At 2 Kenn, Jim, and I went to the refugee center, also known as the Arc. When we got to the Arc there were about eight refugee men waiting to go into the Arc. During this time we had a time of teaching, or really a time when Jim was able to teach them about three different aspects, or traits, of God. Now I know that there are more than just three but we knew that we really wanted to focus on these three aspects. Here are the things that Jim was teaching about: God is a personal God, God is Love, and God is a Just God. It was fitting that we were discussing these things because in some of the previous weeks they had started to look at some things like this. I want to tell you that I was very encouraged and blessed by how many of the men that were there were really excited to learn and listen to these things. There were some questions and the way that Jim or Kenn or Larry, who is another missionary (from Oklahoma), answered them very well. It was a great experience and most of the men that were there will also be at the men’s camp next week. I look forward to being in deeper relationship with each one and being able to show them the Love of God and being a servant to them.

Lastly, I want to thank you all again for your prayers. There is not much more for me to say than that.

God Bless,



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