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Last Post… From Tyler for a little bit

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Church was wonderful this morning and let me tell you that the songs were a blast from the past, but in a very good way. You know that there are songs that mean a lot to you when you are singing them and then sometimes you find the next “big thing” but let me tell you that I was worshiping today. Some of the songs which we consider “old” have some of the best lyrics and the best messages that truly are statements from the heart (not saying that it doesnt happen now a days, because it does). I was reminded this morning singing “Open the Eyes of My Heart” that we long to see Jesus and what he is doing in our lives and for that we give him the highest praise. Also, we sang one of my all time favorites “Jesus Messiah” and that name in itself is enough. It has so far been a blessed day.

I am just wanting to let you know that you will not be hearing from me or Jim for a while. I am not dieing or anything drastic like that but I am going to an island to help at a men’s camp with Jim. What we will be doing I have zero, nada, zilch, or any other word that you can think of to say that I have no idea what we are going to do there exactly. I do know this though. We will be serving some refugee men, encouraging them, and above all sharing the love of God with them. I ask for your continued prayer especially for a strength from God for Jim and I to get through this week with the camp. Also because the two of us guys will be away I ask that you pray also for Abbey and Sam for their safety and their continued ministry at Helping Hands for this next week. Again I want to thank you for the prayers.

God Bless you all,



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