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Join Barclay College students as they learn about Christian life, service, and leadership in the global classroom.

A New Crew!

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Spring semester 2014 was Barclay College’s “pilot year” for the new program, Juniors Global. Students prepared the entire spring semester for the 3-4 week trip they took after school adjuourned in May. Juniors are the target age for trips within this program, and as a reward for attending BC for five semesters, they receive the greatest discount off their trip ($1000).

The goals of Juniors Global are to:

● Broaden students’ awareness of God’s global presence.

● Enrich students’ educational experience through intercultural interaction.

● Provide a cross-cultural service opportunity.

● Fulfill the mission of Barclay College in a global environment.

Two teams were sent off in May with prayer and commissioning by BC employees and students. Team Brazil, led by Ryan Kendall (faculty) was composed of Caitlin Young, Brandie Brown, and Morgan Stander. This team partnered with World Renewal Brazil and allowed students to serve cross-culturally in schools and sports programs as well as share testimonies and worship in local churches. They were inspired by the passion and commitment of local pastors and missionaries. Team Greece was led by Jim Le Shana (administration/faculty) and was composed of Abbey Cox, Samantha Kegley, and Tyler Mullikin. Helping Hands Athens was the local ministry that this team partnered with in a variety of ways: leading a retreat for local pastors and missionaries, serving in the Muslim refugee facility, and joining refugees at a special camp. They witnessed first-hand the helpless plight of the refugees and the strategic location of this ministry.

Selections for Juniors Global 2015 were recently completed. Any student may apply for a place on a JG team, but preference is given to Juniors and students in good academic standing. The small committee of faculty reviews all applications, praying, discerning, and carefully reviewing each appliation. Three teams have been chosen to represent Barclay College among the nations in May 2015, each one with a different focus.

kenyan sunsetkevin.mortimer

Team Kenya

Team Kenya will be led by Kevin Mortimer (faculty), partnering with Friends Bringing Hope. The team (Lauren Wells, Sean Barber, Ross Smedley, Kristin Lee, Hannah White, and Jalyn McCarty) will focus on ministry to widows and orphans, through construction, visiting schools, learning business practices, and worshiping together.


Team Greece

The 2014 team that partnered with Helping Hands Greece made a positive impression and was invited back for next May. Since this trip, Barclay College has invited Kenn Dirrim, Athens Missionary and Short Term Team Coordinator with International Teams at Helping Hands, to be our “on-location” adjunct professor who will lead our Greece teams upon arrival. Preparation for Team Greece will be led by Tiffany VanDame (staff) and Hannah Kendall (JG Director). The team consists of Breanna Haack, India Gutshall, Kimberlee Naillieux, Tanner Huck, Aaron Altvater, and Matt Jarrell. The focus of this trip will be similar to the “pilot year” team, ministering to Muslim refugees in a variety of ways.

cambodia-temple MichelleMurray

Our missionary in residence, Michelle Murray (BC Masters student), will lead our team to Cambodia. Michelle lived in Cambodia 13 years serving EFC-SWYM and is the Director of Marketplace Ministries. This team happens to be all female: Angela Richmond, Brianna Morin, Kayla Carr, Tiffany Graham, Karina Hooper, and Melynda Lujan. It will focus on supporting ministries who work with “at-risk” people through income generating projects, and mission as business will be emphasized.

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