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Spring Semester 2015 Juniors Global

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Spring Semester is here and our Juniors Global teams are nearing departure to three destinations during May 2015: Cambodia, Greece, and Kenya. Each team is comprised of 6 students and one Barclay Staff/Faculty member. All semester the teams have been meeting to learn about what to expect from this cross-cultural experience, to prepare spiritually and mentally for what lies ahead and to develop as a team. Recently in class, Tanner Huck (sophomore, Team Greece) remarked, “I have learned a lot about the Muslim’s shame based culture that I didn’t know before.” Another student, Corbin Kellum (freshman, Team Kenya) was feeling a call to missions but was asking God to speak clearly about it. A few days later he felt he received a clear answer when he was asked to be an alternate on Team Kenya. Whether a student’s “life call” to missions is confirmed through a Juniors Global trip or whether each one comes back with a greater sense of God at work in our world and a desire to be part of that work, this is a tremendous, life-changing opportunity.

The students are in the process of raising both prayer and financial support, with nearly half the support raised to date. This is part of the faith-journey that precedes the actual Juniors Global trip. Team members are stretched beyond themselves when the cost is greater than they can supply on their own. Students are challenged again once, while immersed in another culture, causing their faith to grow as they see God at work there, the strength of missionaries and national Believers and the great need before their eyes.


The next couple months will be filled with getting passports and documents in order, tweaking budgets, confirming flights, corresponding with hosts, getting immunizations, packing luggage, along with all other responsibilities of being a full-time student. Please be in prayer for them and if you’d like to hear more about the Juniors Global trips, read this blog! 🙂

Keep Calm

This was my encouragement to the teams last week as they look ahead to the obstacles in going on their trip and any fears they may have in taking it. Keep calm, we have a risen Savior! He has overcome the world!

Hannah Kendall, Director



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Married 20 years to my first boyfriend, mother of 3 amazing young ladies, host mom to 4 wonderful European daughters, love kids, art, nature, cultures, and follower of Jesus Christ.

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