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GREECE: Day Three

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Today could not have been more perfect. Seriously, no sarcasm there! After getting up a little early today, we took a two-hour drive to the Epidavors amphitheatre. It was an amazing experience, aside from getting into trouble for taking pictures of Anastasio (Kimberlee’s rubber duck) in the middle of the stage. After that we drove to the first capital city of Greece, Nafplio, where we had stone oven pizza and Jim Le Shana’s favorite gelato! I can honestly say that we were not disappointed… well, besides India, who felt a little under the weather not long after. :S To conclude our day we drove to a beach in Corinth (the very same beach that Paul was at when he departed for Ephesus) and went swimming. And lets not forget the drive back to Athens, when we ALL enjoyed some lovely car songs, like “99 bottles of Barclay Appropriate soda on The Wall,” as well as a beautiful rendition of “Baby Shark” by Kimberlee and Yours Truly! We laughed, and thankfully no one cried..

I keep trying to think of something that was less exciting than the rest of the day, and the only thing that comes to my mind is the frustration I felt when I saw all of the graffiti on the stone walls in Nafplio. I don’t think I have ever been bothered by graffiti so much in my entire life. It felt like a slap in the face of the beauty of the city. Maybe it’s just me, but it seemed to take away from the sheer magnificence.

However, the thing I’ve been remembering most throughout today is how much history and beauty there is in this country. We literally stood in the same waters that Paul stood in, sat in the same seats that Royalty sat in, and saw the craftsmanship that people thousands of years ago designed. It was all truly amazing. Maybe it’s just me, but this doesn’t feel like an experience that we won’t be changed by.



“You will keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on you, because he trusts in you.” Isaiah 26:3

One thought on “GREECE: Day Three

  1. Jalyn, I loved hearing about your first big day out and about. Tiffany’s photos made it come to life even more! I am so glad that God made a way for you to join this team in the final hour of planning and that you’re so willing to embrace all that you can! Can’t wait to hear more!

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