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Cambodia In the Beginning

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I was incredibly anxious waiting for our first flight. Stepping into the plane I realized just how cramped they really are. Traveling was fun because it was the first step onto our adventure. Granted, after our flight from LA to Tai Pei I wanted to stop flying, especially after learning that I require Dramamine to fly. When we finally arrived in Cambodia all of us were excited. Walking off the plane we were hit instantly by the heat and humidity that we will be experiencing for the remainder of our time here.
We loaded into a van and set off for where we would be staying. My initial reaction was that of surprise seeing how traffic works. Michelle said it was basically a dance which I can see. People on scooters, sometimes three at a time or more, will get within a foot of the van waiting for us to move on. There were no lights or stop signs, let alone lines on the street because no one would follow them. Seeing the capital city and all the people was exciting as well as overwhelming.
Where we are staying is quite nice, though the bathrooms are a bit different. We struggled immensely to remain awake until eight p.m. but we did it and ended up waking early the next morning. Now we are processing where we are and are looking forward to the next step of our journey here.

One thought on “Cambodia In the Beginning

  1. Karina, I am so proud of you for never having flown! You can do anything now! Can’t wait to hear more about Cambodia and what you’ve been up to!

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