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First Sunday in Greece


Today was our first Sunday in Greece and that meant going to the 2nd Evangelical Church of Athens and to an archaeological museum. The church is a small church on a corner that holds around 200 people and the museum is a rather large place holding thousands of artifacts. After visiting both places I feel most apt to say, the church may be small but the impact it had on me was anything but.

The service was completely done in Greek: announcements, worship, message, and after program. The most impactful thing to me was very much unexpected. It was not the message from the pastor or the songs that were sang, but rather it was how the songs were sang. This may sound shallow at first, but the most moving part was hearing praises to God in a different language. It was so beautiful and perfect. The whole congregation, the pastor, and the Sunday school class sounded so amazing that all I could do was stand there with my eyes closed and just feel blessed. Knowing that God could understand them even though I could not was very humbling. Physically experiencing the vast size and power of God by realizing that he can understand praises to him in every single language was unexpectedly touching.

Next we went to the archeological museum. This was cool in its own way. The history and the workmanship was pretty phenomenal to witness. I am sure there would be better people to talk about this portion of the trip, but I will say that it definitely humbles you and makes you appreciate any arts and crafts that your parents make you do as a kid.

The last stop of the evening was at a place known as “The Square.” I cannot recall the non-American name for the place, but it is filled with souvenir shops, restaurants, and performances in the center of it all. We found a nice place to eat in a courtyard area and then went souvenir hunting and had some gelato.

After a long weekend we are getting ready to hit the ground running on our first full week in here Greece. Details of tomorrow’s events I am sure will be covered tomorrow night by one of my teammates. I will conclude tonight by saying that God is great, and the way He challenges us to improve for him is spectacular to see in person. I could not ask for more task ready teammates and leaders. I ask for your prayers as we continue on serving in the name of Jesus Christ.

God Bless,

Tanner Huck

3 thoughts on “First Sunday in Greece

  1. Wow, Tanner, it is awesome to hear that God is already revealing more of Himself to you! What a blessing! This has been one of my prayers for all of you! Keep taking it all in!

  2. Wonderful to hear!

  3. Oh Tanner…I’m so excited for you and the whole team. Blessed is the word!!! You all are being blessed as you are blessing others. It is so good to read the blog entries from all of the missions trips so we can share in those blessings. We will keep praying for God’s will for these trips to be completed in His time. Have a great time and stay safe!! Love you!

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