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Team Kenya Departs from Barclay College!

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Six forty-five came early this morning for Team Kenya and the handful of friends and supporters that showed up to see them off. Ryan shared encouragement from Isaiah, we formed a circle to pray (and get warm…it was 46 degrees!), and gave last hugs and well wishes. This team will travel to Dallas, fly to Amsterdam and on to Nairobi, meeting up with 2 other team members on a layover. After losing 1 team member, then adding 1, then losing 4 after the violence in Garissa, these are the members that still felt at peace to continue on with their plans to serve widows in a western part of Kenya. Our prayers and hopes go with them!Team Kenya 2 send-off 2015Team Kenya send-off 2015


Author: hannahkendall

Married 20 years to my first boyfriend, mother of 3 amazing young ladies, host mom to 4 wonderful European daughters, love kids, art, nature, cultures, and follower of Jesus Christ.

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