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Packing a Life


Every journey starts with a mission. There are twists and turns that are not always seen, but the mission is always at the forefront. There are stories and trinkets that we pick up along our way and other items that we leave behind. As we journey on we gather more and more stories, laughter, friendships, experiences, and who knows what else what. These things can be seen in our homes, like pictures. The journey I am speaking about is metaphorical not literal. We are all on the journey of life. I know this sounds extremely cliché, but it is what our lives are: a journey.

In our missional journey today the ladies and the guys were split up. The ladies helped a lady by the name of Kate pack her and her family up to move in a week or two, while the guys helped to some handy work around Ken’s house.

The interesting thing about Kate is that she meant to stay in Greece only two years, but has been here for 17! God told her to come here, but did not tell her how long to stay. It is one of those funny things that God does. He guides us to a place and then changes us. For the better, of course. It is our willingness to follow Him that gives us the chance to have many amazing opportunities. Kate had many amazing stories about what God has done with Helping Hands and the people surrounding it.

I know this post is more about my own thoughts, but this is just something I have been thinking about recently. Greece is another stop on my journey. I have no idea what God has in my future. I am not going to be in school for very much longer and I feel like I have many people pressuring me saying that I need to decide what I am going to do with my life, but that is not my decision. I gave my life to God and He will tell me what to do when the time comes. Right now He has me in Greece. Next month I have no idea what He has planned for me. I am not on this journey of life alone. God is directing my every step. I am His to mold and His love and grace is to be shown through me.That is God’s and my plan for right now. My mission is and will be forever to follow my Father’s leading.



2 thoughts on “Packing a Life

  1. Super insightful…I’m glad you’re able to reflect and what you’re experiencing now is giving you courage for your future!

  2. I love your thoughts and observations on life’s journey with God! Very cool! 🙂

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