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Helping Hands

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hello all,
So today our group helped at the Helping Hands Organization. On Tuesdays the organization serves lunch for about 120 or so refugees. So the group split up into smaller groups such as kitchen help, watching kids and babies, or serving lunch. After lunch the refugees have an option they can either leave when it is time to go or they can stay and have a short sermon and then after the sermon you can stay and have chai (tea) and talk.
During the sermon time the speaker was a refugee that was saved because of what this organization has done. The sermon was all spoken in Farsi but while I was just sitting there I was praying that God would soften the refugees hearts to hear his voice and that maybe someone would be interested in Christ more.
 I got to sit and talk a little but mostly listen to several of the refugees stories and learn a little bit of Farsi.
Good night or Good morning
Word of the Day in Farsi
Ob- Water

One thought on “Helping Hands

  1. Matt, thanks for sharing about this aspect of the Helping Hands ministry. It’s so cool how the Holy Spirit transcends language!

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