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Half Way There!

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Well we are officially half way through our trip! It has been full of lots of information and experiences. I will start out with reflecting on what was probably my favorite part of the trip so far, the place where Lydia was possibly converted. As Ben said yesterday, it was absolutely beautiful. It is where I have felt God speaking to me the most actually. I kept thinking about how Paul would have walked through that area and changed that woman’s life by introducing her to Christ. It became real to me that that really happened. Also, God speaks to me through the things I love and I got to pet a very friendly cat and see pink roses there! I felt God saying to me that he is real and wants to bring me happiness so I can spread it to others.

Today we had our second tea day! I really enjoyed seeing alot of the same people that I talked to last week. One of those was a little girl named Paresa. She is 10 years old and from Iran. Her mother and a couple of her siblings went to Germany to get papers while Paresa, her father, and a couple of her siblingsH stayed back until her mother could get the papers. I can tell she has had a rough life, but she is still full of so much joy. She has been teaching me some Farsi words and I have been teaching her English. I feel like I have made a friend even though she is way younger than I am.

We are all happy to have a day to rest tomorrow. Tonight we made dinner at the apartment and sat outside to eat. I’m pretty sure we are all going to be tan by the time we leave because we are outside so much. Unfortunately Tiffany is still sick though. Please be praying that she will get better soon because she had to stay in bed all day and not go with us to the refuge. Thank you all for your prayers so far and the incredible support!


India Gutshall

India in Greece


One thought on “Half Way There!

  1. Love how God is speaking to you in the simple things…a cat, a flower, a child. Beautiful! And also that the stories you’ve read in the Bible have come to life and are rich with meaning. You’ll never read that story the same! 🙂 I’m praying for Tiffany!

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