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Last full shower…

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Juniors Global Kenya 2015

Juniors Global Kenya 2015

Morning would wake us with the sound of a screeching bird flying past the windows of the Mennonite guest house! It was time to rise and head to our Kaimosi destination. We were full of anticipation! Meeting our van driver Rafael for the next weeks in western Kenya posed the next step of our experience. We exchanged money and headed out on the nine hour journey. The travel was a perfect orientation full of people walking, animals of all types including zebras and baboons, and transportation of all kinds and types! Subsistent farming and a market atmosphere punctuated the entire trip. We were all eyes as we navigated what felt like an ongoing movie! There was so much to take in. The greeting and meal at the Rural Service guest house made us feel like we had arrived home. Devotions on Luke 7:1-15 revealed that Jesus broke societal rules in demonstrating compassion to a Roman soldier and to a mother by touching the coffin of a dead child. We will be breaking societal rules in reaching into a marginalized population. “Give us this day our daily bread…” we were being fed. Kevin

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One thought on “Last full shower…

  1. Kevin, so glad you have arrived! Thanks for painting the picture for us back home…sounds amazing! Looking forward to following the journey and work and experience with you all and praying all the time!

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