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Hiking and Elizabeth

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Today. Today was such a God filled day. This morning I prayed that God would give me a reason to love the people and love the land. As all of us know God delivers and He did just that. Today we went to a Friend’s church and that was absolutely amazing. After church we went to a widow’s house, named Elizabeth, that a previous work team went to and built. As we listened and prayed with the widow and as she shared what she was thankful for I was thinking of a couple of different things and as I was listening to her was when God answered the first prayer and I started to fall in love with the people of Kenya.Elizabeth's Children So to get to Elizabeth’s house we had to hike there and a couple of places I stopped and just looked around and just tried to take it all in and as I was trying to do that it hit me and I fell in love with the land and the second prayer was answered in an amazing way. It was crazy because when I came to Kenya I was expecting flat lands like Kansas but today as I was looking around I realized that it reminded me more of the Rocky Mountains in Colorado.Kenyan Storm For me this trip has been a whirlwind roller coaster of emotions but all in all today was a good day.

God is good all the time and all the time God is good.



One thought on “Hiking and Elizabeth

  1. Wow, Sean! How awesome to have such immediate answers to prayer! Thanks for sharing!

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