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Blessing and Peace From Africa



This is Jesse Waller writing to you from Kenya Africa! Today is May 18 2015, what is special about this day to me is that on this day 25 years ago I was born. I cannot think of a better place to celebrate life then in beautiful Kenya!


Today we left early in the morning dressed to begin our first day of building houses! We drove about three hours away. On our way we saw a family of baboons playing beside the road. We arrived at the widows house prepared to get muddy and do some work. When we arrived we found out that the builders had just started the framework for the hut. This meant that the house was not ready for us to work on. Though this was disappointing for us we realized that it was out of our control.

Karen decided that we would visit a hospital near by. While visiting the hospital our eyes were opened to just how many patients deal with HIV and the ways that the hospital is treating those patients. This  hospital also deals in many other areas of health. We learned that they are very open to having a intern from America who is willing to come over.

Kevin gave his first lecture tonight and all seemed to go well. His lecture brought forth many questions from the Quaker students at Friends Theological College.

Tomorrow will be another early day, we leave in the morning to go and build a house for a widow in a different community!

Please pray for us to know the healthiest ways that we can help these widows and orphans in extreme poverty!



2 thoughts on “Blessing and Peace From Africa

  1. Jesse, I’m so glad that you’re contributing to the blog! And happy belated birthday! I will be joining the Greece team and be there on my birthday! Thanks for sharing about your experience and how you are processing it!

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