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Familiar but New

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Yep we were up at 5:00 am to see this amazing view

I have been looking forward to this trip for 7 months. Coming to Cambodia is coming home. But when you have been away it is familiar but you see new things. It made me think of when you are reading your Bible and you come across a familiar story, sometimes I think oh, I know the story I don’t need to read it again, but when I get over myself and read it I usually see something new.

The trees are literally holding the temple together

The trees are literally holding the temple together

God has an amazing way of making old things new, and keeping the Bible relevant to teaching us over time, through the maturing process and through the eyes of new believers. Cambodia has continued to develop while I have been in the states. It is hard to see places I used to go closed and new ones open. But life goes on. It is truly the people that are the most important part. It has been fun connecting with old friends, introducing the girls to new people. Learning new things about Cambodia from the questions I am asked.

All in all it feels familiar but I am enjoying seeing it through new eyes and marveling in the changes, developments and growth in the infrastructure but mostly in the people. God blessed me to be a blessing, but in this case I am usually the one who gets her socks blessed off by those around me.

Michelle Murray

One thought on “Familiar but New

  1. So glad you are “home” for a while! 🙂 Thanks for leading this group!

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