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An Unusual, Beautiful Gift

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Hatu jambo, Marafiki!! (Hello, friends, from our group!)

Rather than focusing on what we did today, I thought I would give you a few highlights of Kenya so far. (Especially since we missed a day here and there–sorry!! The internet is really slow here.)

On Monday, we ended up going to an orphanage. πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ A huge part of my heart is drawn to serving kids, especially orphans, so I was soaking up every minute of our time. We ended up playing several games with a big group of kids (about 45), some that we taught, and some they taught us. They absolutely loved singing–even their games included singing and/or clapping. (One thing I’ve noticed here is that singing is very much a corporate thing. It draws people together: to celebrate, to praise God, to welcome visitors, to prepare our hearts to pray. It is an unforgettable, beautiful experience to hear our Kenyan brothers and sisters praising our same God…I wish you all could hear it!)

On Wednesday, we mudded the first house. The widow’s group (about 60 widows) helped us, making the work go very,very quickly. Their laughter and joy blew me away. It was fun to watch the kids slowly come closer, and then hand us mud, constantly staring at this strange Mzungu (white person) who was obviously an amateur at mudding houses!

This group also showed me what a spirit of generosity looks like. We presented the widow with a few supplies for her new house (mattress, cooking pot, etc.), and a bag of corn (to be used to make Ugali) and a bag of small gifts for the group to divide among themselves. They, in turn, said they had a gift for us. I was expecting something like a small bag of vegetables–the widows are very poor, and now is the hungry season, when everyone is waiting for the harvest. They gave us gift after gift after gift, to the point that we were taking back more than we brought. Their faith was not a thing of words–God had provided for them through their American friends, and He would provide for them again.

I may receive many more gifts in my lifetime, but I don’t think any will compare with the time I was a proud co-owner of an assortment chickens and unidentified vegetables. πŸ˜‰

Blessings, Friends!


P.S. We ended up giving the chickens to another widow who would be able to use them and not have to try to explain to airport security why there was something moving in her suitcase… πŸ˜›


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