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Clouds are my friends

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Did you know that freckles are called fly poop in Cambodia?

Ya, it came as an unpleasant surprise to me as well. It’s rather unfair because apparently Cambodians don’t have freckles. So when my North-Western skin got caught in the sun the other day, our van driver saw my arm (stocked with a fresh supply of extra-dark-just-popped-into-sight-and-definitely-looking-like-fly-poop freckles) and became very concerned for my health. It took a while to figure out why he was so worried. By the time I had figured out the confusion, the poor man was under the impression that I had suffered some horrible burn the night before. His eyes opened wide and he asked in a worried voice, “Fire? How?” The resulting conversion was rather long and I’m still not sure he understood in the end. Lesson of the day: The clouds are my friends.

More fun facts to come.



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