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Hello from Greece,
Today we took a restful trip to one of the more popular local islands, Aegina. The island was filled with shops, restaurants, beaches, ships, and tourists. Although we planned on traveling around the island, the ultimate truth was after eating and swimming for a little bit . . . everyone fell asleep in their own respective spots on the beach. So the afternoon went bye faster than expected and we soon were headed back to the ferry after some souvenir hunting.
The trip back was full of fun conversations and plenty of antics. The most intriguing conversation was that of how God parted the sea for Moses. To be on the ferry looking over miles of water this really took on a powerful concept. To visually see how big of a miracle that would be and to try and comprehend water being pulled back and dry land appearing was mind boggling. Then we asked an unanswerable question, “Did God level the sea bottom or did the Israelites have to make way through a rugged sea bed?” Clearly this answer is of no real importance, but it’s fun to think about.
The evening closed with a pizza party at the guys apartment and part of a movie before the girls left. Tomorrow we will attend the 2nd Evangelical Church of Athens (I think that is the official name). Then possibly go to the Acropolis in the afternoon. Monday will being traveling and Tuesday will be serving at the Athens Refugee Center. That will conclude our time in Greece and we will be home Wednesday sometime . . . I think haha. This is my last blog post, see you all soon.

God Bless,
Tanner Huck

P.S. Do not accidently make Tiffany think you are calling her 42 years old . . . it is kind of scary.


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