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Good, Hard Days (Part 1) :)


It’s Hannah again.  I’m writing a 2-part update for the last few days, and then the others will write and you’ll have a break from me for a while! 😉

For me, the last three days have been the best and (in a way) the hardest so far. On Thursday, we went to mud another widow’s house.

It was slow going, because the women had to walk very far to bring water to make more mud. (On a side note, these women gave up that day’s income to help their neighbor get her house built. Our gift of corn for Ugali (a common meal) was an extra blessing for them!) During one of the breaks, I began to talk to the two kids who were brave enough to come close to me. One boy made a silly face at me, making fun of us. I made one back. Soon, I found myself leading a group of about ten kids in an oh-right-these-kids-barely-speak-English version of Simon says. The afternoon went so quickly after that!


For the record, the kids were happy! Kenyans have this thing about always looking serious in photos!


Saying goodbye was super (super) hard. There was a baby girl who had sat on my lap whose mom stopped me as I was leaving. She asked me to take the baby. I knew that this trip was going to have some challenges, but saying no in that moment was not one I expected.

My tiny friend is on the right. She cried when I left.

My tiny friend is on the right. She cried when I left.

The baby was comforted with the gift of a balloon that Karen (thankfully) had with her. I was comforted by knowing that God sees every detail of every one of those kids’ lives, and that He is Immanuel to them, too, even (especially?) in their hunger and poverty.

As they say over and over here, God is good all the time, and all the time, God is good.

2 thoughts on “Good, Hard Days (Part 1) :)

  1. Hannah, I cannot stop thinking about this post. It has really impacted me. I am sure it was very difficult to be faced with such desperation. At the same time, I am confident that God is at work and loves these people as much as He loves all of us and He will provide a way. I am so thankful for your unbelievable experience while in Kenya. I’ll be praying you all home! 🙂

  2. Thanks for your response, Hannah…that day was one that I doubt I’ll ever forget. A bittersweet memory.

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