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Hello all
This Sunday the church we went to celebrated Pentecost. I find it ironic and pretty awesome that we are celebrating when the Holy Spirit came and filled the room with different languages and here we are in a different country / continent. I think that it is pretty cool for us to be here in Greece and be celebrating God with people that has a different language and different culture. It has been awesome to see each Sunday for us that don’t understand the language but be worshiping side by side as one in the body of Christ.

After church Tanner and myself showed Hannah around the Acropolis and Mars Hill. It was nice to go back to the sites and reflect again what Paul was saying to the people of Athens. Just the dedication that Paul had to spread the word of God is inspiring. After we got done seeing the Acropolis and Mars Hill there were a couple of groups that were street preforming. It was just neat to see people use the gifts that God gave them and be able to show everyone what they can do.

Thanks for reading

Word of the day in Farsi
Cumberan- Belt


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