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Good, Hard Days (Part 2)

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On Friday, we woke up in our rooms at the Kitale Club, a private resort for members (and apparently visitors!). There were tons of monkeys–climbing on the roofs, running across the yard. Kevin and Jesse saw a whole group of them when they went for an early morning walk.

At the Kitale Club. Evelyn (RSP employee, translator, and navigator) and Linet (housekeeper and Answerer-of-Ignorant-Questions), both Bargainers Extraordinaire!! 🙂

We went from the club to start mudding Priscilla’s house. She was the oldest widow we’ve helped so far. You could see her happiness over her new home shining through her weathered face.

Priscilla handing mud to Jesse

Priscilla handing mud to Jesse

She told us that she only dreamed of having such a nice home in Heaven, never expecting that we would help her have one now! Her gratitude was both humbling and encouraging. We don’t do very much (by American standards), but what we do really does change the lives of these widows for the better!

From there, we went back to Jane Max’s house (this was the one still being built that Jesse wrote about). Jane’s feet are twisted so badly that she walks on the top of her feet, but she hurried around to help us mud and bring us gifts.

Jane Max

Jane Max

On Saturday, we went shopping at some Curio shops and at a mall. We at also had lunch at a beautiful restaurant looking over Lake Victoria. It was so refreshing to feel the breeze coming off the water!

We also went to pay school fees for a blind girl name Lydia. Our brief time at her school (for visually impaired and albino children) was overwhelming and humbling and very empowering. Kevin wants to write his experience there, so I’ll leave it at that.

Thanks for reading! Please keep praying for us as we head into our last week here!

🙂 Hannah

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