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Meeting up with Team Greece!

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I have been honored to be a part of Juniors Global with feet on the ground in one of our locations, Athens. Thursday, I met up with Team Greece and can report that the objectives that are set up for the teams are being met here! I had the privilege of sitting that night with this fantastic group of students and leader, Tiffany Van Dame, as they debriefed, and of hearing their highs and lows of the week. My heart was full as I heard their genuine hard times contrasted with the ways they have seen God at work. Plus they cooked pasta that night in their apartment and it was amazing!

The Dirrims left for a ministry retreat until Monday just hours after I arrived in Athens and so I’ve been house sitting for them. It has been a blessing to have some peace to start my days and to see the view of the port from their balcony. During the last couple days the group has shown me their impressive navigation skills, using the city bus and metro. I have been to Mars Hill which is just below the Parthenon and we took a ferry to a beautiful Greek island where the group swam and relaxed. At this point in the trip, it has been healthy and needful for them to take some days to rest and this was a blessing for everyone. Plus the beauty around the island was unbelievable with so many shades of blue and crystal clear water and the mountains across the sea fading into lighter shades of blue as they retreated into the background.

I also was excited to worship this morning at the Greek church that the group has been a part of since their time here, hearing a passionate message, worship in Greek and about how they are reaching their city for Christ and meeting very real needs around them.

I feel so blessed to have had this opportunity for myself but even more for the Juniors Global program. These students, and I’m sure the other teams in Kenya and Cambodia, are getting an amazing global classroom experience for Christian life, service and leadership (our JG motto). I am so proud of how hard they have worked and how they are getting along. I continue to pray that everyone one of them will be closer to the LORD because of this and will continue their lives as global Christians with a heart for the world.


Hannah Kendall

Director, Juniors Global


The beautiful island of Aegina to the west of Athens.



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