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Everything is Spiritual

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Coming back to Cambodia brings with it so many emotions.  It also has brought back my consistent struggles with health.  I am walking more and eating a better diet of more vegetables and less processed foods but I struggled with a cold for about 5 days and have not been able to shake the cough.

A good reminder to keep God in the process of planning

A good reminder to keep God in the process of planning

Then last week I slipped down the three stairs to our little apartment and thought I broke my toe. Fortunately, I didn’t but I have a huge bruise on my shoulder and my toes that remind me of the incident.  For those who did not know me when I was serving in Cambodia health was a constant battle.  It has always been my reminder that I live in the midst of a spiritual battle. One where victory is claimed in prayer.

The girls have had the requisite stomach issues but over all have been healthy and have been getting along.  But most importantly they are settling into the go with the flow life that happens here.

Orthodox Saint

Orthodox Saint

Yesterday afternoon we went to one of the International churches and it was my privilege to see four young people baptized that were in the youth group for the many years I was a part of serving.  My heart was full and thankful that God gives me small glimpses of what I have been apart of.

C.S. Lewis is credited with saying “You don’t have a soul. You are a Soul. You have a body.” I recently went to an Orthodox church and was asking the priest about saints and the golden halo that is around their head. His response was that the halo signifies Christ within them, that they will not be perfected in this world, but that they live in such a way that Christ shines out of them.  That is truly the goal.

Michelle Murray

Phnom Penh, Cambodia


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