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Two Days To Departure

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Normally if I am woken up two hours before my alarm clock becuase of sunlight streaming through the window and into my face I would be thoroughly annoyed, but today was different. Today I woke up knowing that it was going to be amazing; I always feel that way when it is my birthday. I have only personally known one person that I shared my birthday with, and she (Hannah Kendall) just so happened to be in the same country as me on this day!

Fortunately for us we got to sleep in this morning before we headed to the first modern Olympic Stadium that was built in the 1890’s! The journey to the stadium was very interesting: we walked through this GORGEOUS park that smelled like flowers, and past the parliment building where one of those guards who are not allowed to move was standing. The only apparent downside to that adventure was Tanner and Ben taking their shoes off to run with Hannah, Kim, and India around the olympic track, and ending up with burnt and blistered feet. On the walk back we took a swing past the temple of Zeus, which was really cool to see becasue his columns are far more intricate that most of the others we have seen.

Later that afternoon Kim and I went to a shop where I accidentally dropped a small snowglobe souvenir and it promptly shattered on a glass shelf. As punishment I received a mixture of glass and glitter all over my legs. Thankfully the shop owner was very kind and understanding about the whole thing! We concluded the evening with dinner and laughter at Kenn and Lisa’s house, and finally watched the sunset on their roof.

It is almost over; just one more full day before we leave! As much as we all miss home, leaving here is going to prove to be highly difficult challenge.



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