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Giraffes and Elephants and Airports (Oh, My!)

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Today’s Bucket List Check:

Feed a giraffe. (Check.)

Watch Kevin feed a giraffe by holding a piece of the feed in his mouth…giraffe kisses.(Uh, check?)

Visit an Elephant orphanage. (Check!)

Get annoyed at the woman stubbornly keeping her spot and preventing me from petting the elephants. (Sigh. Check)

Feel a fiendish delight when baby elephant backs up and passes gas on said woman. (Hehe. Karma. Check!)

Go curio shopping and bargain by myself–definitely impressive considering my previous lack of confidence! (Check!)

Nearly get lost in apparently growing maze of curio shops. (O.o maybe not quiiite so much confidence yet! Check.)

Make it through airport security so quickly, it’s actually painless. (What?! TRIPLE CHECK!!)

Waiting to board. Eager for home. (Yes! Check.)

Already missing Kenya, this incredible place that has been my home for over two weeks. (Check.)

(And double check.)

Goodbye…for now!!


One thought on “Giraffes and Elephants and Airports (Oh, My!)

  1. Too funny! Love the lightheartedness of this post!

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