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JG 2016 – A New Crew

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Casey Roberts © 2016 for Barclay College

Casey Roberts © 2016 for Barclay College

The countdown is on! In just a few weeks, Barclay College will be sending off four Juniors Global teams to the ends of the earth to do Kingdom work. Partnering with Friends in other countries, 15 students and 4 professors will be serving and learning alongside missionaries and national leaders. The teams have been meeting throughout the spring semester to prepare for their cross-cultural experience. All teams will be departing shortly after school is dismissed May 1, and will serve on location for 3-4 weeks.

Robert Barber, Tiffany Graham, Nick Entz, and Amber Munsell make up Team Belize which is led by Derek Brown and hosted by Sam and Rebecca Barber. This team will join in the youth ministry and after school tutoring these missionaries provide to the youth of Belize.

Faith Lucas and Nate Perrin make up Team Kenya, led by Kevin Mortimer and guide, Karen Bauer. This group will return to Kenya to assist widows in the building of mud huts and other relief work. This is the second group of Barclay students to serve in this location.

Ireland is a new country for Juniors Global, but not for the team leader, Josh Bunce, who led the Saltshaker 2014 there. This team consists of Bethany Lofgren, Marcus Collick, Sharese Smedley, Amber Donaho and Chris Racchini, and will be hosted by EFM’s, Kathi Perry. The students will learn firsthand about relationship building in this culture and serve the community as opportunities arise.

Returning to Greece, is leader Tiffany VanDame. Nick Lemonds, Rebekah Palmer, and Elizabeth Herbal will serve refugees alongside Helping Hands Athens and will be hosted by missionaries, Kenn and Lisa Dirrim.

Excitement is growing as these students complete their final month of school and continue to prepare for this life changing experience of serving and learning in the global classroom.


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Married 20 years to my first boyfriend, mother of 3 amazing young ladies, host mom to 4 wonderful European daughters, love kids, art, nature, cultures, and follower of Jesus Christ.

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