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Eyes Wide Open

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We have been in the beautiful country of Ireland for 6 days now and I must say though jet leg had been a bummer, my eyes have been wide open to see what this country has to offer. We have done so much and seen so much to the point where I feel like I’m dreaming. I am so blessed to have had this opportunity to come along on this trip.

Joshua Bunce, our team leader, asked us this question, “How do you see God moving”? Everyday I have had an answer in my mind from knowing God always moves, but today I can confidently say I have seen God move. I had the opportunity to help Kathi with her toddler group. There were about 8-10 kids ages 3 and under there running around and having a great time. At first I was scared and intimidated because all their “mums” where there watching. It was until a little boy named, Aiden, who gave me the biggest hug once he came in. It was in that moment when my eyes widen to the Holy Spirit working inside of me to allow a kid that doesn’t know who am I open up to me and allow me to play cars and trucks with him. It was in that moment when I knew God already had this planned in my life and in his.

My prayer is that as the remaining days of the trip continues that I see God work even the more. I pray that we as a team learn to open our eyes to see what God is doing and open our eyes to hear what God has to say to us in this moment. Continue to pray for us and we will do the same for you!


Marcus Collick


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