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That Faint Whiff of Sewage

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Upon arrival13221568_10154167835959254_704626866824558080_n.jpg to Belize City yesterday, I was greeted by a smell that I had somehow forgotten I  remembered. The air outside of the airplane had the unique flavor that comes from humidity, garbage, and a faint whiff of sewage. We were greeted by the Barber family as we scurried through customs and were quickly hauled off in a van. During the brief drive to the Barber’s house, I looked out the window at the tropical city and was overwhelmed by memories of last year.

Memories of riding around a city surrounded by tuk-tuks while singing silly American songs at the top of our voices. Memories of walking through a dusty street, shadow hopping to hide from the sun. Memories of bartering in a sweaty marketplace over an uncut pineapple.

Memories I love. I couldn’t stop smiling. And nearly couldn’t stop myself from crying.

And it was the smell that did it.

I was so thrown off by how familiar that smell was! How could I feel like I had missed something I had forgotten? Something so unpleasant? Who misses the smell of sewage? What a strange person God has made me.

It’s morning now and we are all beginning to relax into our temporary home. We had a driven tour of some parts of the city last night and will be leaving for a walk around a different part in a little while. I can’t smell anything unusual anymore. Im sure I will catch it in small puffs throughout the rest of our time here, but for now I have adjusted to the scent that lingers in this city. I still keep smiling. I know this place is different from Cambodia. I am finding the differences slowly, and trying to be intentional that I remember them. I want this experience to be new and not be tainted by un-met expectations or an unrealistic mind-set. Or by familiar scents. But there is something about the tropical culture that I think I have fallen in love with.

Maybe it’s just traveling that I love, or maybe it’s just the memories. Or maybe it’s something deeper. Whatever it is, I think… I hope… this is going to be a good trip. Humidity, garbage, and stench in all.

~Tiffany Graham

One thought on “That Faint Whiff of Sewage

  1. Yay, Tiffany! I’m so glad to hear you all made it safely and that you are already connecting with Belize! 🙂 Also, you should get a prize for being the first JG person to post!!! Have a great time and I’ll keep praying and checking in here!

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