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Jeans! Why the Jeans!?!

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Today we had a pretty busy day, which is why I am blogging again in order to give the rest of the team a break. We left the house this morning and went to Gateway, the school we will be helping at. We have to wear jeans while we are there it turns out. Which… is really fun in the heat of course. Silly Americans. Anyway, the four of us were split up and spent time with a different person we will be working with while we are here. I will be working with a teacher, Mrs. Danderson. There wasn’t a lot to do for me today, but it sounds like there are a few specific students that I will be working with in the future, which I am excited about.

Later, after lunch, we went to WaterWalkers, an after school ministry for elementary aged kids, for the second time. The rooms are hot, small, dimly lit, and often over-crowded, the kids who come are mostly from high-risk backgrounds, and the humidity makes you feel like you just got out of the shower… Without the nice clean feeling. But it’s really cool because the kids are excited to be there and seem to love hanging out with each other and the adults who are there. There seems to be a lot of competition and the expected level of disfunction that comes when there is a large group of young kids from such mixed backgrounds, but there is also a level of belonging that I can see in all the kids. They treat the place like somewhere they can be comfortable, safe, and accepted. That is really cool. I like that.

Also, we found a lizard in the bathroom today. We all crowded into the bathroom and watched Amber try and grab it. We took a video. It was really funny. You will have to see the video soon.

Also, also, everyone is bullying me for talking about Cambodia in my last blog. I told them they can write their own blog. So just for that, this is my honorary mention of Cambodia. Cambodia.

Also, also, also, I have about 30 bug bites.

That is all.

~Tiffany Graham

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