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Isn’t it Grand?

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I cannot even begin to explain to you how blessed I have been throughout this trip! Today was so special in so many ways. It has been obvious to us all that God has really been moving here in the last few days. It has just been such a joy to see God’s glory throughout the beautiful creation we have seen and the beautiful people he has placed in our path.

Yesterday we came up to Northern Ireland, which is totally different from where we have been staying. This morning we got to go to a food bank called Storehouse that was just mind blowing. We met one of Kathi’s friends, Aiden, who does a lot of the directing and planning in the organization. It was so fun to volunteer this morning packing food boxes. Even more, it was wonderful to hear Aiden’s heart for people and for doing what the Lord wants him to do. Not only do the Storehouse volunteers want to give people food and essentials that we can take for granted, but one of their goals is to also give the people their dignity back. People can be so ashamed about asking for help sometimes, but Aiden and his crew want them to know that anyone who needs the help is precious to God. They are not any less than God created them to be. We all have pitfalls in our lives, they just look differently for us all. Hearing him speak so sweetly of all people was so humbling and touching.

After the Storehouse, we got to meet another one of Kathi’s friends. (I am realizing that Kathi has a ton of friends who are just wonderful!) We went to Carolyn’s house where she treated us with some wonderful lunch. Then, we went up to the Mourne Mountains and hiked up to see a little bit more of Ireland. Man, I wish I had the words to describe this experience. Being on top of that hill was breathtaking. It was a whole new perspective and another way to see the glory of God. No picture and no words can describe the experience we all had today. Something about the sunshine and the warmth (which can be rare in Ireland) just really made today special. Carolyn also shared her heart with us. It was lovely to hear her passion for people and for what the Lord has for her. She wants to love people and serve people in any way God calls her. As the Irish say, we had a “grand” day!

I can feel our team growing together and building our relationships to last forever. We have all fallen in love with Kathi, which does not take long to do. Her beauty is getting more and more prominent every day. Getting to be a part of her life has shown me what it looks like to have God’s hand in your life! I could literally go on all day about how much I have learned and how blessed I have been in our time here so far, but it might be a little overwhelming. Therefore, I should really stop here. All in all, today was beautiful, and God is working in our lives like crazy. God is good.


Sharese Smedley

One thought on “Isn’t it Grand?

  1. Sharese, thank you for sharing all the ways that you are being moved by God! This is what we have prayed for each of you! May the rest of your time there continue to be the same!

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