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Worshiping God Together

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As this our third day in Athens, we have come towards the end of the weekend and went to the 2nd Evangelical Church of Greece for the morning, weekly service. I was especially excited about today as I enjoy worship more than eating ice cream and was thrilled at the opportunity to see worship in a completely different context. So, we took the Metro and walked our short journey to the church. Fortunately for us, most of the greeters at the door spoke English well enough to say, “Good-morning.” Even though we are in a different country that I know speaks a completely different language than my own, it was really comforting for those gentlemen to greet us in English, even if that was the only English they may know.
Because the church has mostly a Greek congregation, the service was completely spoken and sung in Greek; however, because there are a handful of missionaries that attend the church, they have headsets for us to use that allow a translator to speak the entire service in English. Despite the few problems we had with the headsets, it was very awesome to be able to not only watch the pastor speak in his language to the people as well as understand what was being said. It made me really grateful for the time that people had taken to care for both the local Greek members and for us as foreigners to this country.
I also was truly blessed by the music for the worship songs. Even though for many of the songs we did not have the translation or could not understand the words being said, the sounds and the music were beautiful, and in those moments, I felt God’s presence in that place. As worship and singing are things I love to do, it was humbling to not being able to necessarily sing, but to be intentional in listening and letting God lead my heart and thoughts. This all put me on the brink of tears, but my heart was so much at peace and filled with joy. The sermon was also exactly what my soul was needing to hear. Although I have heard many messages about sin and repentance, the way the pastor had explained and presented the way we should treat the sin we have was so clear and made me understand this subject on such a greater level than I could have imagined.
It was a great morning to worship God for me all in all with both the service and the people we met that we will be working with at Helping Hands. This was really the highlight of our day as the rest of our day included food, rest, and relaxation. I will ask that you will continue to pray for us to become learners of this new place, to be aware of our surroundings as we travel from place to place, for our health and wellness throughout our days, and for us to be lead by however God chooses to use us. We are grateful for all of your prayers. God bless!

-Bekah Palmer


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