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Where’s All The Refugees?

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Today was our first official day of service to the refugees. We began the day with some incredible breakfast. There is a nice little bakery just a block away from where we are staying. I forget the owner’s names, but they are very nice people. They make some awesome breakfast sandwiches, among other things. I went with a ham and cheese croissant. Wow, mouthwatering. The ladies had some very good stuff too, freshly made of course. Then, we were off to serve the refugees about 20 minutes away. There was one little problem, there were no refugees when we got to our destination.

As a lot of us know, ministry can be very layered and there can be men and women behind the scenes that do a mountain of work, but can possibly never get to interact with those who they are serving. This was the kind of day it was for us. We arrived to a storage unit that is about 20 minutes away from where the ministry center is. In this storage unit was boxes and boxes of men, women, and children clothes, toys, diapers, blankets, and shoes. The storage unit was roughly 40ft long, 15ft wide, by about 10ft high. This storage unit was filled with boxes and bags. Our task was to move winter donations to the back and bring up the summer stuff to the front. I will be the first to admit that I was a little bit overwhelmed when we were told what we were going to do. I mean, there was so much stuff there to sort through. Did we let that intimidate us for long? Absolutely not!

Team Greece stepped up and dove right in! We began to become this well oiled machine that was working like some sort of dream team. I am confident the Lord was smiling down on us as we served, without saying one word to those we were serving. Long story short, and despite our team leader thinking it might take two days to do the task, we were nearly done by late lunch time. We laughed. We joked. We song worshiped. We got the job done, for now, because it is a never ending job that will always need attention. Sorting donations will always be important, and endless. It just keeps coming in, and coming in, and coming in, which is good. We can keep sorting it and sending it out to those who need it, free of charge! What a gift to be a part of someone being warm at night. What a gift to sort shoes that will later be worn by a kid who dreams to be a basketball player, soccer player, artist, scientist, psychologist, women’s track star, and that those shoes will take them to where they want to go. What a gift to sort through clothes that will help women feel confident about themselves, confident enough to get a job, raise their children, to be confident in their own skin. What a gift to be a part of someone’s salvation story through simply sorting clothes. They will see this self-less act, hopefully, and ideally, as a gift from a loving Heavenly Father who is seeking them and desperate to have a relationship with them. A Father who can provide so much more than what clothes can provide. That is Team Greece’s prayer.

After a long day of sweating and working hard, we are going to stay in and cook a little pasta. We have a big day tomorrow. We will be visiting some very cool archaeological sites and some biblical sites too. It is going to be awesome. Until then!

Nick LeMonds


One thought on “Where’s All The Refugees?

  1. Nick, somehow I missed this post from last week! So cool that you guys were doing everything as unto the LORD, even sorting clothes! Awesome!

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