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A break from the Heat…Kinda

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Today was another hot and humid day in Belize. As a person who does not handle hot climates all that well this hot weather has been hard for me to adjust to during the time we have spent here. However every day gets a little easier and usually we are kept busy enough that we dont think too much about the heat. Today i got a little break from this heat and it turned out to be a real blessing.

Every morning our team has been working at youth center that the Barbers volunteer at. We have each been paired with a faculty member who we follow around and help out as needed. I have been  paired up with the guy who does PE and games with witch has been mostly basketball while i have been here. It has been a lot of fun getting to go out and play basketball with these kids and get to know them and see their culture in that way. However playing basketball out side in blazing hot temperatures in jeans really takes it out of me physically and  by the time we leave and go help at the after school program i am pretty worn out. Today was different though, the teacher i am with only had one class and it was especially hot out today so he just decided that we could sit inside and watch a movie. This allowed me to just sit around and hang out with the kids and faculty and have a pretty relaxing morning. This turned out to be a blessing because when we went to the after school program i still had quite a bit of energy and there were some boys there who wanted to play some basketball out back. This gave me the opportunity to get to know these kids and have fun with them and play witch was really encouraging because i had been struggling to get to know some of the kids at the after school program.

So even though it may seem like something small like a break from the heat the Lord used that to bless me and help me get to know some of these kids better and hopefully show them Christ love. This is only one of many blessings the lord has given me through this trip, it has been and amazing experience and i feel like i have already learned so much and i cant wait to see what else the Lord has in store for our team during our time here in Belize.

One thought on “A break from the Heat…Kinda

  1. Sounds like some really good learning experiences!

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